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Ownership approves two major rules amendments
01/15/2009 2:51 PM ET
PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA - The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball announced today that the Major League owners have formally approved amendments to two notable Major League Rules.

The Major League Rules will now provide that all postseason games and games added to the regular season to determine qualifiers for the postseason become suspended games if they are called, regardless of how many innings have been played or the score at the time the game is called. (The Major League Rules affected include 25(a), 33(c), 35(b), 37(b) and 39.) A suspended game is resumed and played to completion at the same site.

In addition, Major League Rule 33(c) has been amended to reflect the recommendations made by the Major League General Managers during their November 2008 meeting. Coin tosses no longer will determine home-field advantage in tie-breaker games that determine a Division Championship or the Wild Card. Instead, sites for such games will be determined by a set of performance-based criteria that will begin with the head-to-head record between the tied clubs.

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