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MLB Network to air 78 spring games
02/25/2010 12:55 PM ET
Secaucus, N.J. -- MLB Network today announced its Spring Training game schedule, which will include 78 games featuring 45 live games and all 30 Major League clubs at least three times. MLB Network's Spring Training game schedule begins on Tuesday, March 2 at 1:00 p.m. ET with the Atlanta Braves at New York Mets live from Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie, FL. On March 4 at 7:00 p.m. ET, MLB Network will air a rematch of the 2009 World Series as the defending champion New York Yankees face the Philadelphia Phillies. All games will be carriage of local telecasts, including local announcers. MLB Tonight, MLB Network's signature studio show during the regular season, returns live every weekday on Monday, March 1 at 6:00 p.m. ET.

"Spring Training games are the first chance to see how the Clubs revamped during the offseason," said Tony Petitti, president and CEO of MLB Network. "With 78 Spring Training games on our schedule this year, in addition to our 30 Clubs in 30 Days series, MLB Network will provide the most comprehensive coverage for fans to catch up on their teams before Opening Day." The full MLB Network Spring Training broadcast schedule appears below.

MLB Network launched on January 1, 2009 as the largest debut in cable television history and is currently available in approximately 54 million cable and satellite homes. With live games, original programming, highlights, classic games, and coverage of baseball events, MLB Network is the ultimate television destination for baseball fans. For more information and to find MLB Network in your area, go to

All times ET and subject to change. Check for updates. Unless otherwise announced, games will be blacked out in each club's home television territory.
March 21:00 p.m.*Atlanta Braves @ New York Mets
March 31:00 p.m.*Pittsburgh Pirates @ New York Yankees
March 41:00 p.m.*St. Louis Cardinals @ New York Mets
March 47:00 p.m.New York Yankees @ Philadelphia Phillies
March 411:00 p.m.Chicago White Sox @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
March 51:00 p.m.*Tampa Bay Rays @ New York Yankees
March 57:00 p.m.Cleveland Indians @ Cincinnati Reds
March 61:00 p.m.*Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees
March 67:00 p.m.Chicago White Sox @ Los Angeles Dodgers
March 71:00 p.m.*Boston Red Sox @ Baltimore Orioles
March 77:00 p.m.Oakland Athletics @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
March 81:00 p.m.*Philadelphia Phillies @ New York Yankees
March 87:00 p.m.Seattle Mariners @ Milwaukee Brewers
March 91:00 p.m.*Houston Astros @ New York Mets
March 97:00 p.m.*Philadelphia Phillies @ Atlanta Braves
March 911:00 p.m.Colorado Rockies @ Los Angeles Dodgers
March 103:00 p.m.*Arizona Diamondbacks @ Los Angeles Dodgers
March 107:00 p.m.*Baltimore Orioles @ Pittsburgh Pirates
March 111:00 p.m.*Boston Red Sox @ New York Mets
March 117:00 p.m.*Atlanta Braves @ New York Yankees
March 121:00 p.m.*New York Yankees @ Washington Nationals
March 127:00 p.m.Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim @ Cleveland Indians
March 131:00 p.m.*Minnesota Twins at Philadelphia Phillies
March 137:00 p.m.Pittsburgh Pirates @ Boston Red Sox
March 141:00 p.m.*Boston Red Sox @ Minnesota Twins
March 145:00 p.m.Cleveland Indians @ San Diego Padres
March 149:00 p.m.New York Yankees @ Pittsburgh Pirates
March 151:00 p.m.*Toronto Blue Jays @ Detroit Tigers
March 155:00 p.m.Cleveland Indians @ Milwaukee Brewers
March 1510:00 p.m.*Kansas City Royals @ Chicago White Sox
March 161:00 p.m.*Florida Marlins @ Atlanta Braves
March 165:00 p.m.San Francisco Giants @ Cleveland Indians
March 1610:00 p.m.Detroit Tigers @ Philadelphia Phillies
March 171:00 p.m.*Atlanta Braves @ Florida Marlins
March 175:00 p.m.Chicago White Sox @ Los Angeles Dodgers
March 1710:00 p.m.*Texas Rangers @ Seattle Mariners
March 181:00 p.m.*Houston Astros @ Detroit Tigers
March 187:00 p.m.*Tampa Bay Rays @ New York Yankees
March 1811:00 p.m.Milwaukee Brewers @ Texas Rangers
March 191:00 p.m.*St. Louis Cardinals @ Florida Marlins
March 197:00 p.m.*New York Yankees @ Tampa Bay Rays
March 1911:00 p.m.Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox
March 201:00 p.m.*Philadelphia Phillies @ Detroit Tigers
March 205:00 p.m.Cincinnati Reds @ San Francisco Giants
March 2010:00 p.m.Arizona Diamondbacks @ Seattle Mariners
March 211:00 p.m.*Baltimore Orioles @ Philadelphia Phillies
March 215:00 p.m.Texas Rangers @ San Diego Padres
March 2111:00 p.m.Colorado Rockies @ Kansas City Royals
March 224:00 p.m.*Colorado Rockies @ Cincinnati Reds
March 229:00 p.m.Cleveland Indians @ Chicago Cubs
March 234:00 p.m.*Chicago Cubs @ Kansas City Royals
March 239:00 p.m.Boston Red Sox @ Minnesota Twins
March 244:00 p.m.*Arizona Diamondbacks @ Chicago White Sox
March 2410:00 p.m.*Seattle Mariners @ San Diego Padres
March 254:00 p.m.*Texas Rangers @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
March 2510:00 p.m.*Oakland Athletics @ San Francisco Giants
March 264:00 p.m.*Oakland Athletics @ Chicago Cubs
March 269:00 p.m.Kansas City Royals @ Los Angeles Dodgers
March 271:00 p.m.*Washington Nationals @ New York Mets
March 275:00 p.m.San Francisco Giants @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
March 2711:00 p.m.Texas Rangers @ Milwaukee Brewers
March 281:00 p.m.*Minnesota Twins @ Boston Red Sox
March 285:00 p.m.Cleveland Indians @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
March 289:00 p.m.Chicago Cubs @ Seattle Mariners
March 297:00 p.m.*Tampa Bay Rays @ Boston Red Sox
March 2911:00 p.m.Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Diego Padres
March 304:00 p.m.*Los Angeles Dodgers @ Colorado Rockies
March 309:00 p.m.St. Louis Cardinals @ New York Mets
March 314:00 p.m.*Arizona Diamondbacks @ Colorado Rockies
March 319:00 p.m.Houston Astros @ Atlanta Braves
April 14:00 p.m.*Colorado Rockies @ Chicago Cubs
April 110:00 p.m.*Oakland Athletics @ San Francisco Giants
April 26:00 p.m.*St. Louis Cardinals @ Minnesota Twins
April 210:00 p.m.*Oakland Athletics @ San Francisco Giants
April 32:00 p.m.*Toronto Blue Jays @ Houston Astros
April 36:00 p.m.Boston Red Sox @ Washington Nationals
April 311:00 p.m.Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim @ Los Angeles Dodgers
April 43:00 p.m.*Seattle Mariners @ San Francisco Giants
* Indicates live broadcast

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