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Morgan Ensberg: Missed opportunities
10/23/2005 5:50 AM ET

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Twice I had a runner on third base with less than two outs and I didn't get my job done. You absolutely have to get that guy in and hit the ball in play. I hit the ball in play once and I struck out in my second opportunity. It's really disappointing. I feel like I completely let the team down in those two spots.

Joe Crede -- who made a bunch of nice plays -- made a great play on the ball I hit in the sixth inning. I hit that ball about as well as I could.

But the one that will haunt me was striking out in the eighth inning with a man on third and nobody out. There's kind of an unwritten rule in baseball that says you have to put the ball in play in a situation like that and I failed. I really feel like I blew it.

I saw the ball well against Neal Cotts but I fouled one off and then he put the ball in a good spot to strike me out. I saw the ball well, but I just didn't make contact.

Unfortunately, this is familiar territory for our club. We've become used to picking ourselves up from the floor. Now we'll just need to do it again. But I don't think this was the kind of game that will affect us. We had some opportunities and we hit some balls right at people.

We've lost so many close ballgames this season and been down so many times that you learn how to get over it.

Morgan Ensberg had the best of his three full seasons in the Majors in 2005, achieving career highs with 36 home runs and 101 RBIs. His .945 OPS was eighth-best in the NL.

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