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Morgan Ensberg: A year of growth
10/27/2005 5:50 AM ET

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I definitely realize we had a great season getting to the World Series, but right now the loss is very difficult.

The experience of getting to a World Series will be beneficial to the club as we move forward. You can't replicate that in practice. Having all these guys go through this postseason will make everyone even hungrier next year.

Once you get here, you really want to win it badly. I'm honored that we got here, but I wanted to win. I see it as being more bitter than sweet because the end game is to win the World Series.

I want to make sure the guys on the team know how much I appreciate what they've done and how well they've played, though. They're the best group of guys. They have a tremendous amount of character, which is something essential to winning.

We came a long way together. We started off horribly, not getting runs for Rocket and not getting runs for Roy Oswalt. Still, our guys came in positive every day and handled that adversity so well. That's probably one of the things I'll remember most about this season.

We made great strides from being a 15-30 ballclub with a bunch of rookies and a bunch of guys who didn't have much experience. From the middle of May on, I think we had the best record in baseball. That was something special.

Everybody stuck together. The guys on this club honestly cared about each other. We adopted the attitude that if we were going down, we were going down together in a ball of flames, so let's just leave it all on the field. We did that. We battled our tails off. Every single guy pulled for the other guys and there wasn't a single problem. I'd do anything for these guys.

It was a year of growth for the team and it was a year of personal growth, too. I learned a lot about myself and my swing and my overall play. It felt good to be smack in the middle of the lineup every day and be in position to help the squad.

But I think I'll need a little more time before I can really put this season in perspective -- how great it was to come back from being 15-30, how great it was to make this playoff run, to win and get into the World Series. I believe it's going to result in a real hunger for me to win a World Series.

Morgan Ensberg had the best of his three full seasons in the Majors in 2005, achieving career highs with 36 home runs and 101 RBIs. His .945 OPS was eighth-best in the NL.

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