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Sizemore collected cards with his dad
04/10/2007 3:30 PM ET
With a head-turning start to his Major League career, the demand for Grady Sizemore's baseball cards is already growing. But long before Sizemore was making sensational catches in center for the Cleveland Indians and working as a multi-talented leadoff man, his family shared in the fun of collecting baseball cards. Sizemore discussed those memories with

MLBPLAYERS.COM: When did you start collecting?

Sizemore: My father, Grady Jr., was a big collector and I started collecting like he did. He'd buy sets of new cards every year. He was a big Baltimore fan. He loved the Orioles. He was a big Cal Ripken Jr. guy. He was a big Eddie Murray fan. My father had a lot of cards going way back. But when he moved out of his house, he had a big collection in his drawer -- and his mother threw them all away. He had a lot of cards of Willie Mays and others, they'd be worth a fortune today and they all got thrown out. But he's been collecting since I was a kid, so he's still got quite a bit. Those were pretty valuable possessions.

MLBPLAYERS.COM: Did you collect the same as he did?

Sizemore: I collected them for fun. I'd play with the guys and pretend I was this player or that. I was happy to get a pack and see what I got. You try to get guys from the Mariners, being from Seattle. You had fun with it. I was more looking to get out on the field and play, but collecting was fun. My dad will keep his collection as long as he wants, but I'm sure he'll pass it on to me or my brother.

MLBPLAYERS.COM: What was the first card on which you appeared?

Sizemore: You had cards in the Minor Leagues. You find them through people who ask you for autographs.

MLBPLAYERS.COM: Do you have a favorite card?

Sizemore: I don't have a favorite yet. But it's still weird to see myself on a card. I haven't made that adjustment yet. You always picture yourself looking a certain way and it looks totally different when you see yourself on a card. I think my favorite card would be me making a catch in the outfield. Breaking your bat would be kind of cool. I don't know if it would look great for me, but it would make for a good card.

-- Red Line Editorial

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