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Neshek's box break: '07 Topps Chrome
07/31/2007 9:26 AM ET
I just got a couple boxes of 2007 Topps Chrome, which hit stores not too long ago, and I thought I'd share my box break with everyone.

Topps Chrome has always been a pretty cool product to open, so we will see if it maintains that rating. These cards are very similar to Topps Series One, except they are very glossy -- hence the word Chrome.

They have a very metallic look to them and are a little bit more high end then the regular Topps card. The big perk of this box is that it contains two autographed cards per box and the chance to get printing plates that are seeded one in every 36 packs. So with my two boxes and 48 packs, I have the odds in my favor.

Hobby boxes are going for roughly $50 on eBay without shipping, so it breaks down to about a little over $2 a pack -- not a bad price for cards these days and a pretty fun product to open up. There are also a lot of other tough pulls inside the box, like low-numbered refractors and even signed cutouts of Mickey Mantle's Autograph -- although the odds are like one in a million.

Here's how I did:

Opened box No. 1 and immediately found two box toppers (a box topper is basically an added bonus that sits on top of all the packs). The two I found are a special A-Rod Home Run card pack and something that says "2007 Topps Chrome Boxloader Card, one sequentially numbered card inside." I open it and find a Red Refractor of Derek Lowe numbered on the back 58/99. The A-Rod card pack contains home run Nos. 240 and 230.

Basically, Topps has decided to make a card of every A-Rod home run and puts out about 20 different A-Rod cards per brand, per year for however many homers he hits. Pretty neat idea and one heck of a final set that will be to put together when he's done hitting bombs. Inside each box are two autographs. Here's the full breakout from opening both boxes:

•   140 regular cards pulled out of a 275-card set
•   140/275 cards = 51 percent of the set complete
•   No doubles
•   17 regular refractors
•   1 Mantle Home Run Refractor, numbered to 500
•   1 Napoli Generation Now Refractor, numbered to 500
•   7 White Refractors, numbered to 660
•   6 Mantle Home Run cards
•   7 Mantle History cards
•   9 Generation Now cards
•   4 A-Rod Home Run History cards
•   2 Red Refractors numbered to 99 -- Derek Lowe and Nick Markakis
•   Scott Moore Autographed Refractor, numbered to 500
•   Mitch Maier Autographed
•   Dennis Sarfate Autographed
•   Shawn Riggans Autographed

Overall, not a bad break -- didn't get anything high end but that's how it goes sometimes. I was expecting a printing plate, but the odds weren't with me today. I had a lot of fun with it and I really like how these cards look and feel. I've always been a fan of the chrome technology.

Anyone want to trade?

When he's not busy opening packs of baseball cards, Pat Neshek is a side-arming relief pitcher for the Minnesota Twins. He's 6-1 with a 1.95 ERA so far this season, holding batters to a .143 average and has 60 strikeouts over 50 2/3 innings.

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