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Dave Newhan collected sets
08/28/2007 9:04 AM ET
Dave Newhan saw baseball from all angles growing up. Not only did he collect baseball cards, but Newhan also watched the game close up while tagging along with his father, longtime Los Angeles Times national baseball writer Ross Newhan. The elder Newhan is now a member of the writers' wing of the Hall of Fame. Dave Newhan, now a Mets outfielder, is yet another second-generation baseball product to make the Majors, but first offspring of a sportswriter in modern times. He recalls how he dovetailed card collecting with meeting the greats: When did you start collecting cards and who did you collect?

Newhan: I don't recall how old I was, but I know I got into Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt. I think I have almost every one of Pete's cards.

Growing up in the L.A. area, I had some Rod Carew and Reggie Jackson cards. I got pretty much every set from 1978 on. So I had a lot of the big guys' rookie cards. Rickey Henderson, Ryne Sandberg was a big rookie card. Don Mattingly was a big rookie card. I got a hold of a Nolan Ryan rookie card.

I got some of them signed when I went out to the ballpark with my father. But I found out you devalued them if you get them signed. Most of the cards are in sets, in boxes. What do you want to do with the cards long term?

Newhan: I'd like to hold on to them. Give them to my son. They might be worth something later. I don't need the money right now. What was your first pro card?

Newhan: It was Modesto in the Padres' farm system. It's just a pose with the bat. Do you have a favorite Major League card?

Newhan: I'm finishing a swing in Baltimore. It's almost a jigsaw-puzzle angle. It's a Topps card. It's like a baseball-families card. On the back, it tells the story of me and my dad.

-- Red Line Editorial.

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