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Pat Neshek: 2007 Fleer Ultra SE
09/14/2007 1:44 PM ET
It took me just minutes to rip open my first box of 2007 Fleer Ultra SE.

The small box only has five packs, but the set also promises four memorabilia cards and an autograph -- nice. Basically, every pack has an interesting little hit inside. It was my first Fleer product since last year's Greats of the Game, so initially I didn't know what to expect.

Right off the bat I'm totally mislead. The outside of the pack says five cards per pack, but when I ripped open the first pack, there were 15 cards inside, including an insert relic jersey of Anibel Sanchez. Very interesting, so I moved on to the next pack.

Inside is another huge lot of 15 cards with a Sean Henn autograph. As of right now I really like these cards. I've always been a sucker for jersey relics or autographs and this product is teasing me. Pack three contains another 15 cards and a Jim Thome Phillies jersey swatch.

Two more packs to go. Bam! A printing plate of Morgan Ensberg. I've also noticed that one card in each pack looks like it has gold plating around the border -- not the regular silver that most cards have. Checking my latest Beckett magazine, there's a one-card-per-pack gold-bordered set.

The final pack had 15 cards, including a Robinson Cano jersey swatch.

I must admit, when I first checked this set out, I didn't think much of it. After opening these up, I must admit these have probably been one of the most fun boxes to break in the past year.

What made it so much fun is that you know you're going to get something cool inside -- and for a price that will not kill your wallet. I would think these would be an awesome birthday present to give to a young baseball fan. Even one pack of these would be cool for a kid to open up.

There aren't many high-priced cards to pull out of Fleer Ultra SE. Although, Carlos Silva struck gold when we did a box breaking in Cleveland with this box. Carlos hit a Cal Ripken autograph, and looking at the Beckett, that's one of the product's better pulls.

Overall though, this box was a real hit with the people I opened it with (my wife Stephanee and brother Paul) because they're not serious collectors. It was fun for them to get a jersey or an autographed card with each pack they opened. I think I would definitely take a chance on these again if I could find a hobby shop that had them. On eBay, these are going for around $50 to $70 a box or $10 to $15 per pack.

Here were my Fleer Ultra SE Box No. 2 hits:

  • Kerry Wood Dual Materials No. 73 of 75
  • Derek Jeter Feel the Game jersey
  • Zack Greinke autograph No. 199
  • Carlos Beltran Hitting Machine Jersey Swatch

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