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Wainwright was an avid card collector
12/13/2007 10:22 AM ET
At some future date, Adam Wainwright's 2006 postseason baseball cards will be a collector's item. Filling in as the Cardinals' closer, Wainwright got the final out in each of the three postseason rounds -- the Division Series against the Padres, the National League Championship Series against the Mets and finally the World Series against the Tigers. Wainwright would probably collect his own card, based on his track record. He still dabbles in the hobby, adding to his serious-collector status of years ago. had a chance to speak with him about card collecting. What cards will you collect now?

Wainwright: I won't collect now, unless I find a card that's really hard to find or I feel one day will be worth a lot of money. Two years ago, I bought three, four Barry Bonds rookie cards on eBay for like super cheap. Sometimes I go on there looking for Bo Jackson and all the guys I grew up loving. I don't collect a lot of cards, but the ones I do collect are the ones I really want. When did you first start collecting cards?

Wainwright: I started when I was 6 or 7. My brother, Trey, started giving me some of his cards. My favorite players were Dale Murphy, Will Clark, Bret Saberhagen, Ozzie Virgil. I loved baseball and I loved the bubblegum packs. I'd go to the store and get two, three packs for $1.89. Now you can't buy two, three, four cards for $1.89. Did you trade cards?

Wainwright: Yes. We traded every weekend. We used to have on Opening Day of Little League -- a trading card day. You'd have a big parade. You'd walk down the street in your Little League uniforms, show off, and then you'd bring your baseball cards and have a big trading show.

The worst trade I made is where I traded a Jose Canseco rookie card for a Kevin Mitchell second-year card. Kevin Mitchell was just coming up and he was just starting to be a good player for the Giants. I loved Will Clark and I loved that back-to-back combo in the lineup. The reason I could justify it was I had two Canseco rookie cards and I traded one for Kevin Mitchell. Where did you first appear on a card?

Wainwright: The Gulf Coast Braves. It was a No. 1 Draft pick Topps card. You could tell how scrawny I was because my neck was two toothpicks put together. It was an awkward pose and I looked 10 years old. What's your favorite Major League card?

Wainwright: I have a Topps card with my fist pumping, striking out Carlos Beltran in the NLCS Game 7. That was pretty big.

-- Red Line Editorial

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