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Bowman Draft: 'Best bang for your buck'
12/19/2007 11:24 AM ET
I just got a couple boxes of Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects, which I always love opening just for the thrill of getting a 1/1 or a low-numbered refractor of an up-and-coming prospect.

This box, as many of you know, is just like Bowman Chrome or Bowman in that you're buying the box and hoping the prospects whose cards you get will do well and make their early cards a worthwhile investment.

These boxes usually get snatched up pretty quickly and hold a lot of value if you don't open them. Not opening the boxes isn't fun, but if you can hold the temptation, you might wind up with a product Beckett calls "Best Product to Flip in Three Years."

Well, I like to have fun and I can't resist the temptation, so I opened mine in pursuit of a low-numbered refractor or an autographed card.

Bowman Draft is almost all guys who are prospects or were drafted this year. The hobby box I have contains 24 packs with seven cards per pack, including two Chromes.

Here's how it went down: As always, the box toppers are two Alex Rodriguez cards. I got home runs Nos. 436 and 439. Then I realized these A-Rod cards are getting pretty close to whatever number home run I gave up to him last year. (For those of you wondering, I will sign that card when it comes out!)

The big-hit cards for me were an autographed Beau Mills, a Kyle Lotzkar autograph redemption, X-Fractors with Phil Hughes and Jonathan Lucroy and blue numbered-to-399 cards of Joba Chamberlain and Carlos Gomez. I also found regular refractors of Sean Doolittle, Curtis Maybin, Emiliano Fruto and Michael Saunders.

I was able to finish the green base set and come pretty close to another. The chrome set of the greens was nearly complete as well. I need 26 of the regular white prospects to finish that set and I'm a little over halfway on the chrome prospects set.

If you see anything you like, I'm trading it away on my Web site. I'm trying to complete a couple of the prospect sets, so be sure to check out my site at

Final thoughts: I have and will always like this brand. When you factor in the price -- under $5 a pack -- you're probably getting the best bang for your buck in the hobby with this brand. Although I didn't have the super big hit, I'll still have lots of fun trying to trade and piece together this set.

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