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Neshek: Upper Deck Black has new fan
12/20/2007 1:21 PM ET
Well, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a hobby box of Upper Deck Black. Right now, it's the talk of the industry because the hobby box is selling for $200 and it contains only two cards ... that's right, two cards.

Basically, you're getting a big hit -- and you should for that price. I've never opened up a box of cards (or should I say card?) that had only one card, so this was pretty special.

Specs: It's pretty simple. One hobby box contains two packs. Each pack contains one card.

Opening the box was an event. We decided to let my wife go first and then I took my turn.

My first observation was, "Man, these things are tough to get into!" You open the box, which is sealed. Then you open the pack, which is sealed in heavy foil that says void once opened. Then you finally get to the pack, which is regular foil.

Drum roll ... She opened her pack and pulled Adrian Gonzalez??? Ouch, nothing against Gonzalez, but we were expecting someone a little closer to Babe Ruth at this price.

At that point, I was getting suspicious about UD Black, but then it was my turn to open. I finally got my pack open, a task that is about as difficult as getting into Fort Knox ... and WOW, what a pull!

A Cal Ripken Jr./Derek Jeter numbered-to-15 autograph card! That is a sick card!

Well I guess I see why we got the Gonzalez card now, because this card is unreal. For some reason Jeter signed the sticker in Silver ... never seen that before. And Ripken's signature is awesome as usual.

Just when I was going to write this product off, it ended up flipping the switch and making me a believer. Now the only question is whether to sell the card and buy three more boxes or keep the card.

Actually, though, this is an easy choice. The card is staying with me!

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