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Neshek: Topps Rookies a sweet product
01/09/2008 1:13 PM ET
Happy new year everyone. It may now be 2008, but I still have the 2007 version of one my favorite products left to review -- Topps 1952 Rookies.

It was a sweet product in 2006 and it's pretty similar in '07 with a few exceptions. Collectors really like this product because most of the guys in the set had rookie status in 2007. Most of these guys are new to the bigs or will be back in the Minors the next year, so the set is great for autograph seekers. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think last years product probably had a lot more guys who had rookie status.

It's also good for autograph seekers, because the cards don't contain a glossy finish, which makes signing them a lot easier.

Inside you're going after a few key things. There are three autographs per box. There are refractors numbered to 1952, 552 and 52. Also, there are these things called Diamond Debut Tix that contain a ticket stub from the player's debut on the card.

A new twist for this year are black back cards inserted one in every six packs. I think I'm going to go after the base set.

Hobby Box Specs:

20 packs per box, eight cards per pack and three autographs per box

How I did:

Well, it was a fun break, but I didn't get anything great. I think the best part of it was seeing my teammates' cards and knowing I can get them signed easily.

I think this is Tommy Watkins' first card, and it was also nice seeing Jason Miller, Brian Buscher and Garrett Jones. As for autographs, I kind of didn't do so hot. I got Jensen Lewis, Brian Wolfe and Joe Bisenius.

What's odd is that I opened another box of this and also got Jensen Lewis and Joe Bisenius autograph cards. With the Bisenius card, I wondered if another person signed it because the two autographs seemed very different.

Overall, this remains a fun break and a great set for collectors who want to go around getting in-person autographs this season. It's become one of my favorites.

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