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Gathright sought Ricky Henderson cards
06/24/2008 1:04 PM ET
Kansas City outfielder Joey Gathright broke up White Sox reliever Bobby Jenks' bid for the all-time record of 42 consecutive batters retired last year with a single. He's considered one of the Major League's fastest players, and he also possesses a wealth of baseball card knowledge. Who did you collect when you were younger?

Gathright: I collected pretty much everything. The Braves were my main team coming up because they had a bunch of fast guys. The cards I was looking for most were Rickey Henderson and Ken Griffey Jr. I still have [Griffey's] rookie card. I still have a lot of those cards. I gave them to my little brother.

The Braves I liked were [David] Justice, Deion [Sanders] when he was there, Otis Nixon, [Terry] Pendleton, who I loved when I was coming up. [Mark] Lemke was the second baseman.

I wasn't a pitcher guy. Nolan Ryan, though, was the main one I collected. He's still special to this day. Will you organize these cards and put them on display?

Gathright: I could. Once I get my place -- I'm buying a place in October -- then I'll get all my stuff and put it in a room, organize them and put them in one place. When did you first appear on a card?

Gathright: I think I was in Triple-A, and a fan asked for my autograph on a card. The card he had was from Double-A. That was the first time I had seen it. That team was the Montgomery Biscuits. I looked like I was a kid -- no facial hair, no gray hairs, which I have now. I'm only 27, I can't have gray in my hair! What's your favorite big league card?

Gathright: I'm starting to see some cards with me bunting. I don't miss bunts. I may pop 'em up, but I don't miss 'em.

-- Red Line Editorial

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