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Candy Man part of Morgan's collection
06/18/2009 2:57 PM ET
Nyjer Morgan plays in Pittsburgh and lives in Chicago but left his baseball heart in San Francisco.

The Pirates left fielder is proud of his City by the Bay heritage and its former baseball heroes, whom he followed partially via baseball cards.

Morgan, who is becoming a collectible himself after batting .299 and .294 in his first two seasons, spoke about his collecting days with Who did you collect growing up?

Morgan: I grew up in the San Francisco area and was a huge Giants fan. I definitely had a lot of Will Clark cards. I was jumping up and down when Will hit that grand slam off Greg Maddux in the 1989 playoffs. Also the Jeffrey Leonards and the Candy Man, Candy Maldonado. Jose Uribe and Robby Thompson. I got the cards out of the bubble gum packs. Did you collect A's card also?

Morgan: The Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire cards are the only ones I traded. I did not like the A's. I did not like the Raiders. My best friend, Tommy Gaeta, was a huge A's fan, and I gave a lot of the Oakland cards to him. Do you still have your collection?

Morgan: The cards are still at my mother's home, still in sleeves. Where did you first appear on a card?

Morgan: Williamsport, Short Season A. I'm still the same size, but a little more muscular. It was a batting shot. What is your favorite Major League card?

Morgan: A shot of me coming out of the box. There's one Upper Deck card where I'm connecting.

-- Red Line Editorial

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