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Wright's collection was Royals-heavy
03/23/2010 2:08 PM ET
Jamey Wright signs a variety of cards depicting his baseball image these days. Afterall, the right-hander has pitched for six different teams since breaking in with the Rockies in 1996. While growing up, he was fond of collecting players from his favorite and former team -- the Kansas City Royals. Who did you collect growing up?

Wright: I collected everyone. I grew up a big Royals fan in Oklahoma City. George Brett was my favorite player, so I collected him -- Bret Saberhagen, too. It seemed like I had a lot of Ellis Burks cards, and I ended up playing with him later on, so that was pretty cool. I had a bunch of Boston cards with Ellis and I ended up playing with him in Colorado. He was a super good guy and one of those who took me under his wing.

I think I had pretty much everybody on the Royals in those days. Charlie Liebrandt, Mark Gubicza, a bunch of them. I remember getting Andres Galarraga when he was with the Expos. I think my most valuable card was Jose Canseco-Eric Plunk. That was the most expensive card I had. Jose was big at the time, so that's why the card was so valuable. What did you do with your card collection?

Wright: I put them in sleeves and booklets. They should probably be in good shape. It would be interesting to check them in my parents' attic. I think I've got around 1,000 cards. I was just happy to get them. When did you first appear on a card?

Wright: The first card that came out was in rookie ball [Arizona Rockies, 1993] showing me in my [Westmoore High School] uniform. I played in Chandler, Ariz. -- Compadre Stadium, the hottest place on earth, guaranteed. There's zero shade. The grass was looking for shade, but a lot of good memories. Then I had one from every stop on the way up -- Asheville, Salem, New Haven, Colorado Springs. Of all the places you've pitched, which featured your favorite Major League card?

Wright: When I was young, I had a card that had a mirror-image theme -- me with Greg Maddux. I got to know him a little bit. I would have wanted his changeup.

-- Red Line Editorial

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