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Castro's collection included Reds
05/11/2010 1:52 PM ET
Juan Castro is a veteran whose career started with the Dodgers in 1995, but his fondness for the game of baseball began well before that -- as a kid collecting baseball cards. Now with the Phillies, Castro took time to answer a few questions about his childhood hobby. Who did you like collecting when you were young?

Castro: There were a whole lot of players. I liked Joe Morgan, Dave Concepcion, George Brett, Mike Schmidt. I really liked players who played the game the right way. These players were all great players. And they all went out and gave 100 percent every day. That's how I have approached the game my whole career. I have always been 100 percent hustle all the time. Do you know where your card collection is located?

Castro: Oh, wow. I hope they're in my house. I had so many of them and took good care of them. I need to look for them when I'm finally retired. I hope that's not for a while. Do you remember when you first appeared on a card?

Castro: I don't know if I have any Minor League cards. I remember one with the Dodgers in 1996. That was my second season, though I had four at-bats in 11 games in 1995. I remember one of my cards in 1996. I remember having a funny look on my face, and a lot of the guys were giving it to me pretty good and joking around with me. Looking back, seeing my face on a Major League card was an incredible accomplishment for me. It showed me how far I had come from a young kid trying to make it. Is there a favorite card you can recall?

Castro: I'm going to give you an interesting answer. I like them all. By that, I mean that I am truly humbled to have been a part of this game all these years. Whether it was a card with the Dodgers, Reds, Twins or a Minor League card, I like them all. Sure, the first one has to be special. To me, they're all special.

-- Red Line Editorial

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