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Coghlan collected Ripken cards
05/27/2010 5:04 PM ET
Chris Coghlan baseball cards are in stronger demand since the Florida Marlins outfielder won the National League Rookie of the Year Award in 2009.

But Coghlan, playing for his home-state team, did not start collecting cards with his rookie award. He had a favorite player growing up on whom he concentrated his card-gathering skills. Did you have a favorite player you collected growing up?

Coghlan: The player I went after was Cal Ripken Jr. That was my favorite player growing up. That's why I wear No. 8. So anytime there was a card for him, I'd trade any card. I had to get his. I don't think his [consecutive games] record will be broken. What are some memories you have of collecting cards?

Coghlan: I'd watch a baseball game with my mom on the couch. I'd go through my card pages. Anytime someone would come up to bat, I'd look for his card and look on the back for his stats. "OK, this guy is hitting this." Cal Ripken is the only one I knew without looking at the card. I still have them all at home somewhere, boxed up. Who are some other players you collected?

Coghlan: I collected just about anybody I knew. I was a big fan of the AL East because the Orioles played there. I knew a lot of guys on Boston and the Yankees, but I always was a fan of the Orioles more. I had [Rafael] Palmeiro, I had [David] Segui, I had Mike Bordick, [Mike] Mussina, Scott Erickson, Brady Anderson, all those guys. Where did you first appear on a card?

Coghlan: It was my first year in the Minors -- the Jamestown Jammers of the New York-Penn League. Our short-season A League. It was an action shot. Do you have a favorite Major League card yet?

Coghlan: Not yet. What cards I get, I give to my mom. She loves that stuff.

-- Red Line Editorial

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