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Jon Lieber postgame quotes
10/14/2004 1:54 AM ET
Q. You've been reluctant to say that you're all the way back from the surgery; can you get any further back than this?

JON LIEBER: You know, like I said before, I'm not going to make that decision till the end of the year. There's still, I think, room for improvement. You know, the main thing; I just want to try to continue as much as I can.

Q. You had extraordinary control over your pitches today, through six innings, other than a single and a walk, you had pretty much gone right through the lineup, were you in a groove? What was the feeling out there on the mound today?

JON LIEBER: Well, I really think, you know, when I go out there for each start, it's no secret what I'm trying to accomplish out there, and that's throw strikes, get ahead of the hitters. I think with that lineup, they are being selective with their pitches, but they are going to be aggressive, too. So it's just really, you know, trying to move the ball around, hit spots and hopefully they get them out early in the count.

Q. With all of the pregame attention focused squarely on Pedro is this a situation that you prefer to sort of be flying under the radar as a starter?

JON LIEBER: There's no doubt about it. It was perfect. But I knew coming into this game what Pedro has done in the past in situations like this. So, there was no room for error, and I think it showed tonight. It was definitely a pitcher's duel from inning to inning and just try to put up as many zeros as possible.

Q. You threw more pitches to Johnny Damon in that one-at-bat than probably most of the innings. Can you talk about that at-bat and how important it was to win that one little battle during the course of a game?

JON LIEBER: Oh, that was definitely one of the keys, I think, to this game. Because, you know, they are trying anyway to get on, make things happen. It all starts with Johnny at the top of that lineup. He makes a lot of things happen.

That was definitely a tough battle, and I'm just glad he hit it right at Bernie.

Q. Can you just talk about coming off the field after the first out in the eighth, you picked up into a jog and a lot of guys walk off accepting that emotion, and obviously people felt very strongly about your short start, what was it like to go off and how was it?

JON LIEBER: Since I was a boy when I get taken out of a game, I try to get on and off the field, I don't know why. I'm not going to say I'm deaf to the whole situation, but you can hear what's going on. That's a great feeling. They have been tremendous all year and they did it again tonight.

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