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World Championship-winning China Youth Baseball League team to visit Yankee Stadium on Wednesday
09/21/2010 10:04 PM ET
The New York Yankees announced today that players from the China Youth Baseball League (CYBL) who won the 28th Boys Nankyu World Championship Tournament in Tokyo in July will be honored at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, Sept. 22, as the people of China celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the second most significant holiday in China after the Chinese New Year holiday.

The visit is the latest effort by the Yankees to show their continued support for the growth of baseball in China. All arrangements for the visit have been made within the guidelines of the cooperation agreement between the Chinese Baseball Association (CBA) and the Yankees.

The championship-winning players are all members of the Beijing Xinxing Longren Baseball Club, which has given athletic and academic opportunities to children from severely disadvantaged rural and migrant-poor backgrounds, including many orphans. All of the children attend the nearby Dacheng School and receive room, board and training equipment.

"The date of the visit to Yankee Stadium is very significant, as it is the holiday that tradition calls for the Chinese people to be with their parents," said Kenneth Huang, Founder and Chairman of QSL Youth Sports Development Foundation, which is sponsoring the group's visit. "These children, who do not have the opportunity to be with their parents, are able to live another dream -- the dream of coming to the cathedral of baseball, Yankee Stadium, to see the team and the sport they love."

The 2010 Nankyu Tournament, which featured 16 teams from 12 countries, was a milestone achievement for Chinese baseball, marking the first time in 11 years that a team from the CYBL had won an international championship. The rules of Nankyu are the same as the rules of baseball with one difference -- the ball is made from rubberized material.

Beijing Xinxing Longren Program Director and Baseball Coach Wei Li will be joined by players Zichao Jiang (age 11), Zhenbei Bao (11), Kaiming Yin (11), Xiao Han (14), Renzeng Qiangba (9) and Jin Yang (11). Additionally, Secretary General Wei Shen will represent the Chinese Baseball Association.

The group is scheduled to watch Yankees batting practice from the field, followed by tours of Monument Park and the New York Yankees Museum presented by Bank of America. Before enjoying the Yankees' game against the Tampa Bay Rays, the six players will receive the honor of throwing out ceremonial first pitches.

The CYBL is operated by QSL Sports together with the CBA. In May 2010 the CBA announced QSL as its exclusive partner to manage the China Baseball League (CBL), China's only official professional baseball league.

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