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Phillies to lead the way in clean energy movement at professional sports venues
04/30/2008 10:47 AM ET
Officials from Major League Baseball, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Green-e Energy and WindStreet Energy, as well as Governor Edward G. Rendell and Mayor Michael Nutter, joined the Phillies in announcing a major initiative at Citizens Bank Park to aid in the efforts for a cleaner environment.

To offset the carbon footprint created by the team's utility power usage at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies have purchased 20 million kilowatt-hours of Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). According to the EPA, this is the largest single purchase of 100% renewable energy in professional sports and is equivalent to the planting of 100,000 trees.

The Phillies are the first Major League Baseball team to join the EPA's Green Power Partnership (GPP) program, a voluntary program that encourages organizations to buy green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with purchased electricity use. According to the EPA, the team is the third largest Green Power Partner in Philadelphia and seventh largest Green Power Partner in Pennsylvania.

"EPA applauds the Philadelphia Phillies for 'playing ball' and protecting our environment by purchasing green power," said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "By being the first MLB team to join the Green Power Partnership, the Phillies have hit a grand slam for the environment."

"We are proud of the Phillies for showing such a strong environmental commitment in buying Green-e Certified Renewable Energy," said Arthur O'Donnell, Executive Director of the Center for Resource Solutions, which administers the Green-e program. "As the first Major League Baseball team to take responsibility for the impact of their electricity use by investing in clean, renewable energy, they are showing real environmental leadership. We hope other clubs take their lead, because this is a game in which everyone can be a winner."

This initiative also reinforces Major League Baseball's "Team Greening Program" and its commitment to support and coordinate the many environmentally sensitive practices at each ballclub, created in partnership with the National Resources Defense Council.

"The Phillies' commitment to renewable energy and ecologically intelligent operations will hopefully set an example for all institutions in Philadelphia and beyond to follow," said Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, senior scientist with the NRDC. "The fact is that we will successfully address the threats posed by global warming and biodiversity loss only if every consumer, and every organization, moves towards ecologically intelligent purchasing. The Phillies are doing that, and hopefully their millions of fans will do the same."

"We're proud to join Major League Baseball in bringing awareness to fans about how to become more environmentally conscious," said Phillies President David Montgomery.

The Phillies' efforts for a cleaner environment have been in collaboration with Citizens Bank Park operators Global Spectrum, a Comcast-Spectacor subsidiary, and ARAMARK, the Phillies food and beverage provider - which have both been instrumental in the following initiatives:

Global Spectrum, ARAMARK and the Phillies have also implemented the following:

Food-Related: The recycling of frying oil to be used as bio-diesel fuel; recycling glass, plastic and cardboard generated from game day preparation and sales; using carry-out trays that are 100 percent post-consumer fiber; providing bio-degradable serviceware and cups; utilizing plastics that are easier to recycle; using compostable products; reducing amount of condiment packaging waste by providing dispensers instead of individual packets; and using locally grown produce and organic foods.
Building-Related: The recycling of cardboard, paper, fluorescent lamps, lighting ballasts, plastic, aluminum and glass bottles; utilizing environmental-friendly cleaning products as well as a "bio-enzyme" which eats grease trapped in kitchen drain pipes; utilizing energy conservation using the Building Management System and Light Control System; universal waste recycling; converting to LED lighting (which uses 80% less power and lasts years longer than traditional incandescent bulbs); right-sizing trashcan liners; and re-using rain run-off water for landscaping and field irrigation.
Recyclable Containers: 35 oversized, 80-gallon recyclable containers will be placed throughout the ballpark for fans to utilize and aid in recycling efforts.
"Red Goes Green Cards" for Phillies Employees: All full-time Phillies employees, including players and coaches, will receive a one-year credit to secure clean, renewable energy for their home consumption, compliments of the Phillies and WindStreet Energy.

To help build fan awareness of the importance of going green, the Phillies are implementing several initiatives to urge fans to get involved in caring for their community.

Green Caps: Symbolizing their commitment, the entire Phillies team will wear green baseball caps as they take on the San Diego Padres tonight (April 30) at 7:05 p.m.
Red Goes Green Cards: At tonight's game (April 30), 100 lucky fans will receive a one-year credit to secure clean renewable energy for their home consumption, compliments of the Phillies and WindStreet Energy.
Red Goes Green Team: Captained by the Phillies Ballgirls, the Red Goes Green Team will feature volunteers from local colleges and community organizations who will collect recyclable materials from the seating bowl throughout each game. All Red Goes Green Team members will wear green aprons so they are easily identified and an announcement will be made pre-game to fans to look for the Green Team and take part in the Phillies' recycling efforts.
Red Goes Green Tips: Fans are invited to go to for tips on how to make the environment a better place. Red Goes Green tips will also be posted on the scoreboard during each game at Citizens Bank Park.

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