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Larry Walker postgame quotes
10/14/2004 1:24 AM ET
Q. Talk about how important it is for you guys to get these runs, not just with the long ball, but all the way through the game.

LARRY WALKER: Well, you had to put a bunch of hits up together. That's what we did -- basically opposite what we did first game in LA. It was just a long ball.

String of pitches is just as good as hitting the ball out of the ballpark. Our hits came with men on. Just kept adding up. You take those every game.

Q. Repeatedly this season the Cardinals have rallied after somebody's taken an early lead. What is it about you guys that lets you answer back right away after you fall behind?

LARRY WALKER: Well, today it was done in the first inning. We hadn't even come to bat yet. Right away you're thinking, "Okay, they have two runs but let's get realistic, we haven't even made one of our 27 outs yet." With the lineup we have, you know, we're going to put balls in play, hit some balls hard, put balls in play, score some runs.

Unless it's a crazy lead, it's not insurmountable for us to come back. 2-0 wasn't close to that.

Q. Your first game in the NLCS, you made the most of it, just talk about the feeling of being in it. Also, did you get a chance to see what happened on the line-drive triple in the first inning?

LARRY WALKER: I didn't see what happened. I tripled the ball, looked like it could have been knuckling some. I'm not sure. Perhaps in the lights, I haven't talked to Lance (Berkman) or heard anything about what happened there. I think it did knuckle quite a bit, looked like it took off to the left.

As far as getting the three hits the first NLCS game, it just could have been one hit, broken bat flare, Vizcaino was playing pretty deep. I guess I thought I'd just drop one in front of him for a hit, I guess (laughter).

Q. Since 1992, the winner of Game 1 in the NLCS went to the World Series. Are you a superstitious person? Is it nice to have those numbers on your side?

LARRY WALKER: Well, you know, we're realistic. We know anything can happen. I am superstitious, but realistically we know how good the Houston Astros are. They could come back and beat up on us quite easily.

So we're not counting our eggs before they hatch here by no means.

What's happened in the past with other teams isn't going to dictate what we're thinking.

Q. That last at bat, were you thinking cycle since it's never happened in postseason history?

LARRY WALKER: Did you tell by how hard I swung (laughing)? I took a shot at it, yeah. I knew it was at stake, I thought I'd give it a shot. If it was a closer game, I think we were up by five or six runs at the time, so I wasn't trying to hit a line drive. I was trying to hit the ball out of the ballpark. You see the result when you try to hit a home run, a strikeout.

Q. What was the key to you guys being so successful in the sixth inning and being able to bat around?

LARRY WALKER: Well, I mean, you could possibly say luck. We had a lot of cheap hits. You know, I know in this game you could hit the ball on the nose three times and get a goose egg. So you take everything you can get no matter how they fall.

But we got some fortunate hits that fell in for us, then the huge double by Jimmy (Edmonds) to clear the bases. That was a big pickup for us.

Q. Can you just discuss the pitch you hit and what you were trying to do on the double in the fifth?

LARRY WALKER: Well, I took the first pitch strike fastball, took the next pitch slider for a strike. So I'm 0-2. I'm thinking, "Why didn't I swing?" Then I just thought the ball was up and away, got off the end I believe. I wasn't trying to obviously break my bat and kill somebody in the first row and bleed it down the leftfield line. That wasn't my objective. But I'm very happy with the result.

Q. About Scott Rolen getting his first hit in postseason, getting his bat going, did that mean big things for you?

LARRY WALKER: That was good. It came after they basically pitched around Albert (Pujols), too. Scott has to be sitting here going, "Here we go, they're pitching around somebody to get to me. I'm hitless." He hit the ball hard. I think he had some good cuts tonight. He had a baseline ball in that sixth inning, laid off some tough pitches. I don't think it's as bad as everybody thinks. He's had a couple ugly swings. Some at bats have been great. His timing was off but he had big base on balls, if that's such a thing, get on base and keep an inning going.

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