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Jeff Suppan postgame quotes
10/20/2004 10:26 PM ET
Q. Can you talk about your emotions, Game 7 against Roger Clemens?

JEFF SUPPAN: I don't think it gets much better than that. I'm looking forward to it. It's kind of, with the game tonight, it was just special. The way we've been playing all year as a team, you know, I think we have what it takes. I'm just going to get ready for tomorrow.

Q. Were you in the bullpen at all with Tavarez when they called him? Were you talking to him about what he might have to do tonight?

JEFF SUPPAN: I actually was not in the bullpen tonight, sorry.

Q. You finally have a playoff start at home. Talk a little bit about that and being able to do your stuff here in Busch Stadium.

JEFF SUPPAN: I'm looking forward to it. With the fans we have here, they've been with us all year round. Wherever we go, they support us. It's going to be nice to go out and pitch in front of them tomorrow.

Q. Before this postseason, what's the biggest game you ever pitched in?

JEFF SUPPAN: In my life? I can't think of one right now (smiling).

Q. Do you feel like this series has been maybe overlooked compared to the other series in the national spotlight?

JEFF SUPPAN: I haven't really been following the media coverage or anything like that. Being a part of that series last year, I know it was an unbelievable series, for one. But as far as media, they were there for sure.

So I would say that they're both great series. They've come down to the last game.

Q. Last year in the playoffs, you were with Boston, left off the roster. Here you are starting Game 7. Can you talk about what was going on in your head this time last year and what you're thinking now?

JEFF SUPPAN: Actually, last year I was only left off the first roster. I was put on for the ALCS; didn't get an opportunity to pitch out of the bullpen. I think the difference between last year and this year is that I've been here since spring training; to go through everything we've gone through as a team, and I think this is the best team I've played on. We contribute in our own ways, and I think that's the beauty of it, because we're all pulling, we're all pulling the rope.

Q. You obviously played with Carlos Beltran. What is it going to be like facing him and can you believe what he's been doing this series?

JEFF SUPPAN: Well, I can believe; I've played with him for four years. What he's done is tremendous. I look forward to facing him. I got to face him the last couple games of the season and my last start.

He's a very good player and does a lot of things well.

Q. The bullpen was stretched tonight. How much pressure does that put on you tomorrow to get in more innings?

JEFF SUPPAN: Well, I still have to take my approach to the game the same way I would if we had a fresh bullpen: I'm going out there to throw zeros up when we score, short innings, always trying to keep the ball down. I think tomorrow everyone will be ready.

Q. I assume this is the biggest game of your Major League career. How will you prepare yourself physically and emotionally, resting, getting ready?

JEFF SUPPAN: Well, the same way I always have. I feel I have a good routine to fall back on, how I prepare myself mentally, physically, and I continue that up until this point. I don't see any reason why to change it. I'll go about it the same way I have in the past.

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