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They said it: Game 4 quotes
10/28/2004 4:10 AM ET
• "This year will be the gold standard by which all future years are judged." -- Commissioner Bud Selig

• "Not bad ... 1918's now just another year we won the World Series." -- Red Sox GM Theo Epstein

• "It's almost like a regional or a national catharsis in a way. I watched people at Fenway Park the two nights I was there. I've never seen so many people praying at a ballpark." -- Selig

• "I went through a lot of drama over the winter, but I told my wife before the season started that this is going to be my year. This is the year. We did it, man. We did. We're the champs." -- World Series MVP Manny Ramirez

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• "I can't wait to go back to Yankee Stadium and not hear that '1918' chant anymore." -- Red Sox Game 4 starter Derek Lowe

• "It's been a great season. Nobody expected us to get this far, and we got to the World Series ... we're just the second best team in the league. Disappointment, sure, but remember, we weren't supposed to be here." -- Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols

• "I'm not going to lose any sleep over this. We just got beat, they outplayed us, it's not like we blew it. We said back in Spring Training our goal was to get to the World Series and we did. It's disappointing we didn't win. Hats off to the Red Sox. They're the best team in baseball. But that doesn't mean we didn't have a tremendous year. There are a lot of guys who play their whole career and never get to the World Series." -- Cardinals reliever Ray King

• "That's not going to get it done. Obviously I'm very disappointed, and I feel like I let the guys down. [The Red Sox] did a good job of making their pitches and changing things up, and I didn't adjust like I should have." -- Cardinals third baseman Scott Rolen on his 0-for-15 World Series performance

• "I have no suitcase, no hotel room, nothing. But I was 12 years old when my father brought me to Game 6 in 1975. I watched [Carlton] Fisk's home run. I'm teary-eyed, speechless. We just never thought this would happen." -- Bostonian Paul Mastrioanni, 41, who spent $2,900 to see the Red Sox in Game 4 at Busch Stadium

• "We're going to enjoy it a bit and give up a bunch of hugs and kisses right now, and do what champions do -- celebrate." -- Red Sox leadoff batter Johnny Damon

• "This is what we've all been waiting for. We can die happy." -- Epstein, the pride of Brookline, Mass., who built the 2004 Red Sox at age 30

• "I'm going to miss it a little bit now that they've won. They're not going to be quite as interesting. The quest is really what makes the story extra special." -- Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy

• "I'm disappointed that we didn't play well in the World Series, just for the sake of the people, and to hear that crowd go crazy again. That's tough. We didn't even give them a chance to cheer." -- Cardinals outfielder Jim Edmonds, who was held to one hit in the World Series

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