3/31/12 - MLB players tweet about Final Four
LaTroy Hawkins tweets about Kansas from the car to home to the dog groomer.
3/31/12 - Can you feel the excitement?
MLB players are heavy with anticipation over Opening Day ...
3/31/12 - Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Maddon!
Rays manager "channels his inner Jane Fonda" during BP ...
3/30/12 - Phillie Phanatic is red in the face
The iconic mascot has changed his colors to celebrate Paint the Town Red Week.
3/29/12 - Bigger handicap: Junior Griffey or Joe Morgan?
Future and current Hall of Famers tee off at the Jordan Celebrity Invitational.
3/29/12 - Brandon League is The Last Samurai
Move over Tom Cruise. The Mariners closer is ready to go.
3/29/12 - Big man gets big check
Yoenis Cespedes is rewarded for THIS.
3/29/12 - Marlins rally cry? Hair we go!
Jose and Hanley have decided to go with red-orange hair to match Marlins' color scheme.
3/29/12 - Mariner Moose brings back breakdancing
Mariner Moose does a head-spin before Game 2 of the Opening Series.
3/29/12 - Quite an engaging week for Brendan Ryan
What a week: Brendan Ryan turned 30 and proposed to his long-time girlfriend in Tokyo.
3/29/12 - Caliendo brings his Madden to Brewers camp
Frank Caliendo takes BP with Brewers after beating Ryan Braun in arm wrestling.
3/29/12 - Everybody needs an Ichi-Meter
The Ichi-meter is now available for sale at Tokyo Dome.
3/29/12 - King Felix to Seahawks?
Felix Hernandez shows off his football skills before Game 2 of the Opening Series.
3/29/12 - This is how icons are introduced in Japan
Out of the darkness, comes Ichiro prior to Game 2 of the Opening Series.
3/29/12 - First round of Ace Invitational concludes
Twelve pitchers are through. Who will join them in Round 2?
3/28/12 - Dallas Braden REALLY likes Rollie Fingers
Dallas Braden pays homage to A's icon Rollie Fingers in a not too subtle way.
3/28/12 - Persistence paid off for Joey Bats
The road to The Show can be long and difficult, but hard work pays off.
3/28/12 - Don't call it a comeback
Jose Canseco asks Magic for a job in Hollywood.
3/28/12 - Who are you rooting for?
This young man had trouble choosing sides for the Opening Series.
3/28/12 - The Question: Who's the better mascot?
The Mariner Moose and Stomper collide at Tokyo Dome.
3/28/12 - Yes, Ichiro is very big in Japan
With all eyes on him, the iconic Mariners outfielder stretches before the series opener in Tokyo.
3/28/12 - Ultimate Ace Invitational turns to Paige's Selection Committee has unveiled its bracket to determine MLB's top starter.
3/27/12 - Happy b-day to manager of MLB's greatest team
Miller Huggins managed the 1927 Yankees.
3/27/12 - Free sushi for Twitter followers
MLB Network insider Jon Heyman will buy you dinner any time.
3/27/12 - Mohawk art is big in Japan
Jonny Gomes likes his new piece of art.
3/27/12 - Kids everywhere love mascots
A's mascot Stomper is a big hit in Japan.
3/26/12 - Strangest DP you will ever see?
CF Jesus Feliciano had trouble making the grab, then lost track of how many outs there were. It didn't matter.
3/26/12 - Yes, Heath Bell likes Bieber too
The Marlins closer has no problem admitting he is a Bieber fan.
3/26/12 - Brendan Ryan will be entertainment at own b-day party
The Mariners shortstop, who turns 30 today, does spot-on impersonations of celebrities.
3/25/12 - Someone rang up a nice tab at the grocery store ...
Baseballs sit in waiting for BP before the Yomiuri Giants/A's game in Tokyo.
3/25/12 - Trip to Japan has Andrew Carignan feeling all patriotic
A's pitcher digs the National Anthem.
3/25/12 - Happy birthday to future Hall of Famer Tom Glavine
Braves legend turns 46 today.
3/25/12 - Even Ichiro impersonators are under more pressure in Japan
This guy was at the Oakland-Yomiuri game even though Ichiro doesn't play for either team.
3/25/12 - Dugout Dish: Toilet paper, pink rims & some 'Minor League guy'
MLB players sound off on Twitter.
3/25/12 - MLB had a bit of Tiger Blood in it today ...
Players take to Twitter to comment on Tiger Woods' PGA Tour victory.
3/25/12 - Hamburger jealous of all the attention hot dog is getting
Rangers righty battling Boomstick for headlines.
3/25/12 - Prefer your crowds rowdy? Head to Japan ...
Japanese, Americans and Frenchmen flock to Tokyo Dome for baseball.
3/25/12 - Seth Smith learns about Japanese culture from ... an American
Jason Standridge teaches former teammate Seth Smith about Tokyo.
3/24/12 - There's no shortage of cameramen in Japan
From power stances to reading a book, Japanese cameramen all have their own style.
3/24/12 - Heath Bell spends his Saturday nights differently than you
Horses jumping is cool. Baseball is cooler.
3/24/12 - OK, we get it, everything's bigger in Texas
The Boomstick is a one-pound hot dog.
3/24/12 - Get in line, Oriole Bird!
Fowl call? Oriole Bird likes chicken.
3/24/12 - Brandon League making himself feel at home
Mariners reliever chowing down in Tokyo.
3/23/12 - MLB players can't get enough March Madness
These guys are watching from the States to Japan.
3/23/12 - Kurt Suzuki is enjoying the Japanese culture
Omelet cooked with chopsticks? Sure!
3/23/12 - A's get their last taste of the West
We're guessing there won't be many enchiladas served in Japan.
3/23/12 - A's lead league in walking into Japanese airports
Oakland arrives in Japan as the team prepares for its Opening Day matchup with Seattle.
3/23/12 - Jonny Gomes may have MLB's best haircut
Jonny Gomes rocks a mohawk and LV bag upon arriving in Japan.
3/23/12 - Reddick doesn't leave home without his belt
Josh Reddick - who happens to know Triple-H - headed to Japan with a WWE replica belt.
3/23/12 - Future is bright for this birthday boy
Happy birthday to Yankees uber-prospect Dellin Betances, who turns 24 today.
3/23/12 - Ryan Howard is sitting on the job
Ryan Howard fields grounders from a stool on Friday in Phillies camp.
3/23/12 - Ichiro goes home in style
Ichiro is back in Japan, and when Ichiro is back in Japan he wears a fedora and pink glasses.
3/23/12 - Arencibia knows his weakness
In 140 MLB games, the Blue Jays catcher has 25 homers - and one stolen base.
3/23/12 - We hear birthday blowouts in Miami can be pretty cool
Happy birthday to Mark Buehrle, perfect game aficionado & flip-through-the-legs extraordinaire.
3/22/12 - Jemile gets comfy for flight to Japan
Jemile Weeks is rocking pajamas as the A's leave the U.S. for the Opening Series.
3/22/12 - Ever see a Major Leaguer go through security?
Coco Crisp and the A's prepare to board a plane headed for the Opening Series in Japan.
3/22/12 - Hey Dexter, is it a leap year?
In honor of his 26th birthday, we look back at one of Dexter Fowler's finest moments.
3/22/12 - The Question: Is Chipper a Hall of Famer?
Chipper Jones owns a .304 career batting average, with 454 homers and 1,561 RBIs.
3/22/12 - Let's flip for Ike's birthday
Happy 25th birthday to Ike Davis, who makes catches on the dugout rail look routine.
3/21/12 - Polly want a cotton candy
The Pirate Parrot is a ruthless villain with quite the sweet tooth.
3/21/12 - I WILL: These 9 are ready for a divine 2012
Justin Upton will make it hail and Matt Kemp will unleash beast mode.
3/21/12 - Looks like somebody's watching me
With one eye on him, Pirates outfielder Jose Tabata makes a great grab.
3/20/12 - Pedroia: 'I can do your job in my sleep'
Dustin Pedroia takes some playful jabs at NESN broadcaster Don Orsillo.
3/20/12 - Joe Cool meets Broadway Joe
Joe Maddon met his idol on Tuesday, Joe Namath.
3/20/12 - Who's the new coach at Yankees camp?
Biff Henderson from "The Late Show with David Letterman" is ready to go.
3/20/12 - The Verlander is taking it to a whole new level
He's conquered the mound. His next mission? Bringing his 'A' game to fan engagement.
3/20/12 - It's almost Meowpening Day ...
Welcome to Meowjer League Baseball.
3/19/12 - What do you get the guy who has all the awards?
Happy 24th birthday to Clayton Kershaw.
3/19/12 - Has Ochocinco found a new team?
We can't wait to see his first home run celebration.
3/18/12 - Toucan Sam approves
Michael Young clearly enjoys him some Froot Loops.
3/17/12 - They've got spirit - how about you?
MLB players express their love -- and caution -- for St. Patrick's Day on Twitter.
3/17/12 - Frazier, Upton look pretty, pretty, pretty good
Todd Frazier got 25 games right, most of any MLB player.
3/16/12 - Just call him Flash Gordon
Dee Gordon makes a heads-up play by stealing second after drawing a walk.
3/16/12 - March on: Phillies love the Madness
Cliff Lee, Shane Victorino and Jonathan Papelbon take the NCAA Tournament everywhere.
3/15/12 - Dugout Dish: Thames offers investment opportunity
LoMo makes a vow to steal more bases ...
3/15/12 - MLB has caught the Madness
Check out NCAA brackets from 30 of your favorite players.
3/15/12 - Putting on the big boy pants at Royals camp
Everett Teaford and Tim Collins can fit in one pair of pants.
3/15/12 - Joe knows haircuts
Joe Maddon has his head shaved on Thursday as part of a fundraising event.
3/14/12 - CAPTION THIS: Field of Dreams?
Lonee Hoffman wears a hat with figurines of Giants players.
3/14/12 - Thanks for tomorrow night, Kirby
Puckett would have turned 52 today.
3/14/12 - Pi, pie and Felix Pie
Happy March 14.
3/13/12 - Twins pitcher loves Rocket Man
Glen Perkins is a huge Elton John fan.
3/13/12 - Who does Frank Herrmann have going all the way?
Indians reliever fills out his bracket.
3/13/12 - Next up on Who Wants to be Tim Kurkjian: Tim Dillard
Brewers pitcher imitates ESPN broadcaster.
3/13/12 - Ben & Jerry's has their next great ice cream flavor
It tastes like Heath Bell.
3/13/12 - Can I get an Arnold Palmer with that?
Braves pitcher Peter Moylan gets to meet golf icon Arnold Palmer.
3/13/12 - Remembering how Hank Aaron got his start ...
An injury to Bobby Thompson on March 13, 1954 opened the door for one of MLB's all-time greats.
3/12/12 - CAPTION THIS: A different kind of "Pinterest"
This Mets fan has collected more than a few pins in 30 years at Spring Training.
3/12/12 - Darryl Strawberry turns the big 5-0 today
The Wall sends a happy birthday shoutout to Darry Strawberry.
3/12/12 - Challenge accepted.
Johan vs. Torii: Hunter has become the hunted.
3/12/12 - Baseball players are fans, just like you!
David Freese fondly remembers Big Mac's 500th home run.
3/12/12 - Introducing the StrasBurger: Eight pounds of beef at Nationals Park
Eight pounds of cheeseburger -- and it comes with fries!
3/11/12 - It's been exactly 10 years since Sox hired Grady Little
And eight years and five months since this happened.
3/11/12 - Coming to America: Yu has a dream he's come to share ...
Yu Darvish discusses new surroundings and his deep repertoire.
3/10/12 - The Law Firm shows off his nasty splitter in Orlando
BenJarvus Green-Ellis throws out the first pitch before Yanks-Braves.
3/10/12 - Alex Presley is all smiles after this awesome faceplant
As per the commentators, the grass monster jumped up and got him.
3/10/12 - Unfiltered: Players gauge spring performances
Twitter is a sounding board during Spring Training.
3/10/12 - Anniversary of a good decision by Michael Jordan
On this day in 1995, MJ announced that he was leaving the White Sox to return to the Bulls.
3/10/12 - They couldn't wait to welcome Buster back to The Show
Buster Posey's return - in stunning video game graphics!
3/9/12 - Joe Maddon: "Fortune favors the bald"
The Rays skipper is shaving his head for charity. Here's a look back at his many follicle fashions.
3/9/12 - It's not every day there's an elephant at GABP
Asia the elephant from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey made an appearance on Crosley Terrace.
3/9/12 - Decision 2012: Vote purple
If you mix the red states with the blue states, you get purple.
3/9/12 - Idol finalist Erika Van Pelt also loves her Sox
Move over Shannon Magrane -- there's more than one baseball fan on this show.
3/9/12 - Happy birthday, Aaron Boone. Love always, Yankees fans.
Aaron Boone, who celebrates his 39th today, will always be remembered for this swing.
3/9/12 - Is Three's Company making a comeback?
Looks like LoMo wants a future Hall of a Famer as a roommate.
3/9/12 - Scott Rice is (maybe) going to Hollywood
The journeyman southpaw is Dodgers Idol 2012
3/9/12 - MLB players have fun with Twitpic
Golf, superheroes and fish ...
3/8/12 - Petey and LoMo cover Justin Bieber
Brian Petersen and Logan Morrison want The Bieb to come to a baseball game.
3/8/12 - CAPTION THIS: Plouffe goes poof
Twins LF Trevor Plouffe hangs onto the wall as he flips over trying to make a catch.
3/8/12 - Royals have found their secret weapon
KC better give actor Rob Riggle a roster spot or he might tase somebody.
3/8/12 - Joe Girardi really loves his coffee
The Yankees skipper carries a cup in his mouth as he signs autographs for fans.
3/8/12 - Adrian takes you inside his road to Boston
Which is harder - hitting a ball in the Majors or beating your best friend in a video game?
3/8/12 - CAPTION THIS: Can't the Oriole Bird just fly upstairs?
Mascots -- they're just like us!
3/8/12 - The Yankees learn The Secret
Joe Girardi's club receives a motivational pep talk.
3/8/12 - Yes, Ryan Perry has a skeleton MLB logo tat
Your move, Ryan Roberts.
3/7/12 - The truth behind Jason Kipnis' Adele performance
The mic had nothing to do with it.
3/7/12 - Jason Kipnis aiming for Gold Glove and Grammy in 2012
Second baseman sings Adele in the field.
3/7/12 - CAPTION THIS: All eyes on McCutchen
Ever feel like someone is watching you?
3/7/12 - Peyton Manning's next team: The Yankees?
Once upon a time, it looked like Peyton -- not brother Eli -- would be Big Apple's next megastar.
3/7/12 - Derek Jeter is like the rest of us
Reporter Bryan Hoch noticed that Jeter had "Derek" scribbled on his Starbucks cup.
3/7/12 - Touch 'em all Joe, it's your birthday
Joe Carter - who turns 52 today - hit 396 regular-season homers during his career.
3/6/12 - A Spring Training travel guide - from 'insiders'
Where does Kemp go golfing? What is Verlander's favorite steakhouse?
3/6/12 - Cubs win! Cubs win!
Ever wonder what the world will be like when the Cubs win the World Series?
3/6/12 - Only at Spring Training ...
No. 66 Michael McDade holds on fellow No. 66 Quintin Berry at first base.
3/5/12 - Ron Swanson: Smooth jazz, bacon and baseball?
Mean-muggin' for the cameras is another story.
3/5/12 - Prepare to meet The Shredder, Red Sox fans
Nick Punto may bring his signature celebration to Boston.
3/5/12 - CAPTION THIS: Silence is golden?
Hanley and Ozzie lay down the silent treatment before Monday's game vs. the Cardinals.
3/5/12 - The Wall sends a birthday shoutout to Paul Konerko
White Sox slugger turns 36 today with no sings of slowing down his production.
3/5/12 - Bees chase Snakes in Scottsdale
A swarm of bees delayed Sunday's D-backs-Giants tilt at Salt River Fields.
3/5/12 - Troy Tulowitzki does his best Ashton Kutcher impression
The Rockies shortstop pranks Fan Cave finalist Shaun Kippins in Arizona.
3/4/12 - Mother Nature throws Spring Training a curveball
It's more than a bit windy down in Florida.
3/3/12 - Happy birthday to Parks and Rec employee Willie Keeler
Is that Ron Swanson with Willie Keeler?
3/3/12 - For Norichika Aoki, it's the little things that count...
Japanese outfielder greeted with name written in native language on lineup card.
3/3/12 - We think this guy just won Marlins FanFest
Unless someone shows up dressed as the new Marlins HR celebration, this guy is the #1 fan.
3/2/12 - And now one of my personal favorites, Scenes from a Hat!
Jason Giambi and Todd Helton could develop a comedy routine
3/2/12 - 'Lo Viste' making waves at Marlins camp
"Lo viste" is the latest craze on the diamond at Marlins camp.
3/2/12 - WE can't wait, either!
It's a beautiful March day for baseball in San Diego.
3/2/12 - Marlins camp does not sound unenjoyable's Matthew Leach finds some refreshments.
3/2/12 - Brandon Phillips smiles from gym to field
The Reds second baseman is a happy man.
3/2/12 - Joe Magrane's daughter advances to Idol Top 13
J.Lo and Steven Tyler think Shannon could go Hollywood.
3/2/12 - Happy birthday to one of the best ever, Mel Ott
Slugging outfielder would have been 103 today.
3/2/12 - This is J.P. Kurkjian, E-S-P-N
J.P. Arencibia does an uncanny impression of ESPN's Tim Kurkjian.
3/1/12 - Conan drives monster truck through an RV -- in Dodger Stadium
Grave Digger gets some outfield work in.
3/1/12 - Even Obama gets stressed about the first pitch
The leader of the free world actually tosses a changeup from the mound.
3/1/12 - CAPTION THIS: Zim catches up with an old friend
What can the Rays do in 15 minutes or less?
3/1/12 - In case you didn't know, that's Victorino
The Flyin' Hawaiian clowns around during his Photo Day shoot at Phillies camp.
3/1/12 - The Dickey story is kinda like the Lin story, says Dickey
Will Mr. Linsanity add some knuckle on his free throws? Stay tuned!
3/1/12 - Sanchez throws no-no's, levitates baseballs
New Royal Jonathan Sanchez looks like David Copperfield during his Photo Day shoot.
3/1/12 - Dugout Dish: Francisco Cervelli needs some help
What should the Yankees catcher use as walk-up music?
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