Posted 5/1/12 at 9:50 PM

Cameraman swipes candy from Rays first-base coach

There was a minor scandal during Tuesday's Rays game.

First-base coach George Hendrick put a few pieces of candy in front of a cameraman located next to the dugout. Hendrick asked nearby fan Diana Rosenbach to keep an eye on the candy, leaving strict instructions.

"There are six now, and there need to be six after the boys bat," Rosenbach heard Hendrick tell the cameraman.

But when Hendrick returned from the field, disaster struck -- some of the candy had mysteriously disappeared.

Luckily, Rosenbach witnessed the entire incident and became the whistle blower in Tootsie RollGate 2012. She let Hendrick know the cameraman had disobeyed and polished off some of the sweets.

In return for her honesty, Hendrick rewarded Rosenbach with a foul ball.

A nearby security guard, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he would also be able to positively identify the guilty party in a lineup if need be.

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