Posted 6/3/12 at 9:30 PM

A Game of Homes: The old A's and the new

Although the franchise is now a beloved institution, the Royals were not the first MLB team to play in Kansas City. The Athletics moved from Phildelphia to K.C. in 1955, playing playing home games at old Municipal Stadium for 13 season before departing for Oakland in '68.

The A's never had a winning season in Kansas City, but their teams did feature a number of notable players. Hall of Famer Roger Maris was one the bigger names, calling K.C. home in 1958 and '59 before he was traded to the Yankees. Bobby Shantz (1952 MVP), Jim “Catfish” Hunter and John “Blue Moon” Odom were on the list too. The Kansas City A's also drafted Reggie Jackson with the second overall pick overall in '66. Two years later, Ewing Kauffman founded the Kansas City Royals.

The Royals met the A's at Kauffman Stadium on Saturday, a perfect afternoon to give away classic Kansas City A’s hats and recognize alumni who had played for the A’s while they were in Kansas City.

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