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Pride Crew Alumni - Jordan

Name: Jordan

Seasons with the Pride Crew: 2009-2011

What is your favorite White Sox memory?
It was amazing to see Mark Buehrle's perfect game!

What do you miss about working at Guaranteed Rate Field and/or the Pride Crew?
Where to start? I miss running out of the center field gates and hearing the roar of the crowd. The amazing bonds I built each season, but I really miss singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on top of the dugout. I might just start singing it at my desk just to make sure I still know the words!

Where do you currently reside?
Philadelphia, PA (where it is NOT always sunny!)

What is your regular full-time job?
I am currently the Guest Services Representative for the Philadelphia Eagles. My job duties include managing three different teams of game day staff as well as resolving any issues guests may have at our stadium.

What life changes have you experienced since you worked at the ballpark?
Moving to Philadelphia and starting to work in the NFL has been a huge change, but it has been very exciting. But not to worry Sox fans, my Sox sticker is displayed for all to see in my office. Chicago will always be home!

Who is your favorite White Sox player of all time?


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