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Pride Crew - Melissa


Name: Melissa
Hometown: Dyer, Indiana
Seasons with the Pride Crew: 5th season
Profession: Bank Manager


At-Bat Song: "Happy" by Pharrell
Bats: Right
Throws: Right


All-Time Favorite Player: PAULIE
All-Time Favorite Moment: Helping a little girl get a picture with Southpaw, a year later she ends up being the flower girl in my best friend's wedding. Hey Sophie!!
Theme Night: Elvis NightÂ… Gets me alllll Shook up
Giveaway Item: Southpaw Plush Pet


Chicago Restaurant: Revolution Brewery
Chicago Landmark: The Bean
Summertime Activity: Anything Outdoors! Summer is my Favorite!!!
Three things I can't live without: Chips, chapstick, and a cup of coffee (with cream)
Family Memory: Growing up with two older brothers I wanted to be just like them when I was little. My first T-ball game I begged my mom to buy me spikes because that's what Mikey wore. She said we would get them eventually, but I wanted to look like him my first game. So I ended up stealing his and wore them (I was 6, he was 8). My Dad was wondering why my feet looked so big, and I couldn't run the bases very well. Hey, at least we won the game!!!
Pride Crew Memory: Every day we make a new memory. I have met some great people working for the White Sox, it is way too hard to just pick one. Love you Pride Crew!! #5515