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Pride Crew Alumni - Natalia

Name: Natalia

Seasons with the Pride Crew: 2009-2011

What is your favorite White Sox memory?
I have so many! My favorite memories with the Sox are those that involved the Volunteer Corps. I was able to interact with fans during various community events in Chicago. Our fans could be home watching Saturday morning cartoons, but they're repainting a school or bagging food at the Chicago Food Depository. Sox fans are making a difference in our communities and that has left me with a lasting impression.

What do you miss about working at Guaranteed Rate Field and/or the Pride Crew?
What I miss most about the Pride Crew is the opportunity to "make someone's day." My job was to hand out prizes, upgrade seats or just to create a memorable experience for a fan. It can brighten up someone's day in a snap.

Where do you currently reside?
I recently moved from Washington, DC to San Diego, CA.

What is your regular full-time job?
I work for the United States Senate. My job as a Legislative Correspondent is to analyze legislation and manage constituent correspondence. For me, learning never ends and that is what I enjoy most about my job.

What life changes have you experienced since you worked at the ballpark?
I got married! My husband is in the Marine Corps and this allows us to travel all over the world.

Who is your favorite White Sox player of all time?
Simple, Jim Thome. Hall of Famer, without a doubt.


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