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Tigers All-Stars

Year All-Stars
2017 Michael Fulmer‡, Justin Upton
2016 Miguel Cabrera
2015 Miguel Cabrera*, J.D. Martinez, Jose Iglesias, David Price
2014 Miguel Cabrera*, Ian Kinsler†, Victor Martinez‡, Max Scherzer
2013 Miguel Cabrera*, Jhonny Peralta, Prince Fielder, Torii Hunter, Max Scherzer*, Justin Verlander‡
2012 Prince Fielder*, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander*
2011 Miguel Cabrera, Jose Valverde, Alex Avila*, Justin Verlander*, Jhonny Peralta
2010 Miguel Cabrera*, Jose Valverde
2009 Brandon Inge, Justin Verlander, Curtis Granderson, Edwin Jackson
2008 Carlos Guillen
2007 Ivan Rodriguez*, Magglio Ordonez*, Placido Polanco, Carlos Guillen, Justin Verlander
2006 Ivan Rodriguez, Magglio Ordonez, Kenny Rogers
2005 Ivan Rodriguez
2004 Carlos Guillen‡, Ivan Rodriguez*
2003 Dmitri Young
2002 Robert Fick
2001 Tony Clark
2000 Todd Jones
1999 Brad Ausmus
1998 Damion Easley
1997 Justin Thompson
1996 Travis Fryman
1995 David Wells
1994 Travis Fryman, Mickey Tettleton
1993 Cecil Fielder, Travis Fryman
1992 Travis Fryman
1991 Cecil Fielder*
1990 Cecil Fielder, Alan Trammell
1989 Mike Henneman‡
1988 Doyle Alexander‡, Alan Trammell*†
1987 Jack Morris, Matt Nokes, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker†
1986 Willie Hernandez, Lance Parrish*, Lou Whitaker*
1985 Willie Hernandez‡, Jack Morris*, Lance Parrish*†, Dan Petry, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker*
1984 Willie Hernandez, Chet Lemon*, Jack Morris, Lance Parrish*, Alan Trammell†, Lou Whitaker*
1983 Aurelio Lopez‡, Lance Parrish, Lou Whitaker
1982 Lance Parrish
1981 Jack Morris*
1980 Lance Parrish, Alan Trammell
1979 Steve Kemp
1978 Jason Thompson
1977 Mark Fidrych†, Jason Thompson‡
1976 Mark Fidrych*, Ron LeFlore*, Rusty Staub*
1975 Bill Freehan‡
1974 John Hiller‡, Al Kaline
1973 Ed Brinkman, Bill Freehan‡, Willie Horton
1972 Norm Cash, Bill Freehan*, Mickey Lolich
1971 Norm Cash*, Bill Freehan*, Al Kaline, Mickey Lolich
1970 Bill Freehan*, Willie Horton
1969 Bill Freehan*, Mickey Lolich‡, Denny McLain
1968 Bill Freehan*, Willie Horton*, Denny McLain, Don Wert
1967 Bill Freehan*, Al Kaline*†, Dick McAuliffe
1966 Norm Cash, Bill Freehan*, Al Kaline, Dick McAuliffe*, Denny McLain*
1965 Bill Freehan*, Willie Horton*, Al Kaline, Dick McAuliffe*
1964 Bill Freehan‡, Al Kaline†, Jerry Lumpe‡
1963 Jim Bunning, Al Kaline*
1962 (Game 2) Hank Aguirre, Jim Bunning‡, Rocky Colavito, Al Kaline
1962 (Game 1) Hank Aguirre‡, Jim Bunning, Rocky Colavito
1961 (Game 2) Jim Bunning, Norm Cash*, Al Kaline
1961 (Game 1) Jim Bunning, Norm Cash*, Al Kaline, Frank Lary
1960 (Game 2) Al Kaline, Frank Lary
1960 (Game 1) Al Kaline, Frank Lary
1959 (Game 2) Al Kaline, Harvey Kuenn†
1959 (Game 1) Jim Bunning, Al Kaline, Harvey Kuenn
1958 Al Kaline, Harvey Kuenn
1957 Jim Bunning*, Al Kaline*, Harvey Kuenn*, Charlie Maxwell
1956 Ray Boone, Al Kaline*, Harvey Kuenn*, Charlie Maxwell‡
1955 Billy Hoeft‡, Al Kaline*, Harvey Kuenn*
1954 Ray Boone*, Harvey Kuenn‡
1953 Harvey Kuenn
1952 Vic Wertz‡
1951 Fred Hutchinson, George Kell*, Vic Wertz
1950 Hoot Evers*, Ted Gray, Art Houtteman, George Kell*
1949 George Kell*, Virgil Trucks, Vic Wertz
1948 Hoot Evers*, George Kell‡, Pat Mullin*, Hal Newhouser
1947 George Kell*, Pat Mullin‡, Hal Newhouser*, Dizzy Trout‡
1946 Hal Newhouser
1945 Hank Greenberg‡ (See note at bottom)
1944 Pinky Higgins, Hal Newhouser, Dizzy Trout‡, Rudy York‡
1943 Hal Newhouser, Dick Wakefield*, Rudy York
1942 Al Benton, Hal Newhouser‡, Birdie Tebbetts*, Rudy York*
1941 Al Benton‡, Birdie Tebbetts‡, Rudy York*
1940 Tommy Bridges‡, Hank Greenberg*, Bobo Newsom
1939 Tommy Bridges, Hank Greenberg*, Bobo Newsom‡
1938 Charlie Gehringer*, Hank Greenberg†, Vern Kennedy‡, Rudy York
1937 Tommy Bridges, Charlie Gehringer*, Hank Greenberg‡, Gee Walker†
1936 Tommy Bridges†, Charlie Gehringer*, Goose Goslin, Schoolboy Rowe
1935 Tommy Bridges‡, Mickey Cochrane‡, Charlie Gehringer*, Schoolboy Rowe‡
1934 Tommy Bridges‡, Mickey Cochrane, Charlie Gehringer*
1933 Charlie Gehringer*
Note: No game was played in 1945, although teams were selected
* Voted to start or started
† Selected but replaced due to injury
‡ Selected but did not appear in game