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What is most memorable about the '84 season?
1st Inning - Bergman Jolts the Jays
2nd Inning - Tram Slams the Quis
3rd Inning - 13 Pitches
4th Inning - The Quiet Man Delivers
5th Inning - Gibby Gets the Goose
6th Inning - Jack No-Hits the Sox
7th Inning - Record-Setters
8th Inning - KC Goes Down
9th Inning - Tram Series Heroics
10th Inning - Blessed Victory
11th Inning - Role Players
12th Inning - Leadership
13th Inning - Alan and Lou
14th Inning - Bullpen
15th Inning - Strength Up the Middle
The 1984 "Bless You Boys" Detroit Tigers were one of the greatest teams in baseball history. They streaked to a record 35-5 start, shook off pesky Toronto for the division title, and then swept the Kansas City Royals for the American League Championship.

When they overpowered the San Diego Padres in the World Series, they matched the '27 Yankees of Babe Ruth and the '55 Dodgers of Jackie Robinson to become just the third team in major-league history to lead wire-to-wire and also win the World Series.

To the people of Michigan, the '84 "Bless You Boys" Tigers were a constant topic of conversation and a source of pride. A record 2.7 million people streamed into Tiger Stadium in 1984, nearly 25% more than had ever any season at Detroit's historic baseball corner, Michigan and Trumbull.

WDIV was the home for the '84 Tigers. Sportscaster Al Ackerman coined the phrase "Bless You Boys" and it stuck.

The following vignettes are broken into three categories: dramatic moments, best games and symbols of excellence. Click on all of them and relive the exploits of the amazing, 1984 "Bless You Boys" Detroit Tigers.

Former Tigers closer Willie Hernandez dreamt about winning a World Series as a child and would watch the games on TV. And being back together with the rest of his 1984 Tigers teammates, he felt like a baby. More from »
OCTOBER 5, 1984 -- After cruising to victories in Games 1 and 2 of the 1984 ALCS, the Tigers returned home in hopes of clinching a Series berth in front of 52,168 fans. It would take everything they had; however, as KC's Charlie Leibrandt matched Milt Wilcox and Willie Hernandez pitch for pitch. Go to the game »

Bergman Jolts the Jays
When the Tigers went to Toronto for a three game series September 7-9, they led the Jays by 8 1/2 games. But the Jays weren't out of it -- yet. Dave Bergman, who had hit a dramatic homer to beat them back in June, delivered again.
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Tram Slams the Quis
The Tigers were off to an amazing 23-4 start and were in Kansas City to face the Royals. They trailed 2-1 in the 7th when side-arming ace Royals reliever Dan Quisenberry came on to face Alan Trammell with the bases loaded. Quisenberry hadn't given up a grand slam in his entire career. There's a first time for everything.  Watch now:    56K I 350K

13 Pitches
ABC's Monday Night Baseball made it's first 1984 telecast the showdown between the remarkable 38-11 Tigers and the Blue Jays who trailed by just 4 1/2 games. Dave Bergman won it with an at bat that most observers vowed was the greatest they had ever seen.
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The Quiet Man Delivers
The Bless You Boys '84 Tigers got fabulous performances from their role players. With a trip to the World Series on the line, they were tied 3-3 in the 11th inning against the Royals in game two of the playoffs. It was then that a quiet pinch hitting specialist named John Grubb delivered one of the biggest hits of the season.
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Gibby Gets the Goose
Kirk Gibson's home run off Goose Gossage and the Free Press photo of him celebrating it has become the image of the Tigers 84 championship. Although Gibby's mighty blow came when the Tigers were already leading in the 8th inning, its majesty has not been lessened by the passing years.
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Jack No-Hits the Sox
The Tigers were only 3-0 when they faced the White Sox on a windy day in early April. The game was the NBC game of the week and Jack Morris gave everybody something very special to remember.
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The Tigers went 18-2 in April and rolled along to a 35-5 start, still the best after 40 games in baseball history. The games that got them to those marks are historic in their own right.
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KC Goes Down
The Bless You Boys Tigers won games one and two of the playoffs in Kansas City and came home on Friday night, October 5th to try and close out the ALCS before over 52,000 at Tiger Stadium. The final was 1-0 in a gem of a game.
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Tram Series Heroics
Alan Trammell's performance in game four -- the one that gave the Tigers a traditionally insurmountable three games to one lead -- was what also locked up Alan's selection as World Series MVP.
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Blessed Victory
Game five of the World Series featured a virtuoso performance by Kirk Gibson, who had been in Sparky Anderson's doghouse in 1983. But Kirk came into 1984 with a new attitude and capped his comeback season with a magical performance for the Bless You Boys Tigers, a team that still captures Detroit's imagination.
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Role Players
The Tigers were a great team because they had great stars like Jack Morris and Alan Trammell. But 1984 featured impressive performances by role players who had done little previously and sadly, did little afterwards.
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The Bless You Boys '84 Tigers were loaded in the leadership category, starting with Hall of Fame manager Sparky Anderson who taught them how to act and perform like professionals.
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Alan and Lou
How about the most enduring double play combination of all time? Yes, Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker symbolized the excellence of the Bless You Boys Tigers.
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The Tigers got Willie Hernandez in a spring training deal and he and Aurelio Lopez were sensational all year long. Especially Willie, who won two major awards.
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Strength Up the Middle
It is said that the most important element of a baseball team is strength up the middle. In that regard, the Bless You Boys Tigers were absolutely terrific.
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