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The Dominican Republic has been a major source of talent, as evident from the number and caliber of Dominican players on Major League Baseball rosters. As a result, each MLB Club has founded an academy for promising prospects in the Dominican Republic.

While the primary focus remains preparing these players for professional careers, the academies, often in partnership with the MLB's central office in the Dominican Republic, have implemented education-based programs that also help prepare prospects for life after their playing careers have ended. The academies offer courses in English language, and players also participate in programs that help them adjust to life as a professional ball-player. In addition, the Club academies encourage players to give back through Club sponsored service projects that impact their local communities.

Currently all 30 Clubs have academies in the Dominican Republic, many with state-of-the-art facilities. The academies, which often include dormitories for players and coaches, also feature playing fields, weightroom and training facilities, clubhouses, classrooms and recreational areas for participating players. Below is information for all 30 academies with photographs of what many of the facilities offer. While many of the Clubs have erected new academies in the last several years, almost all of the Clubs have operated academy programs that date back as early as the 1980s.

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