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Retired Players from the DR

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Name (Last, First) Position Birth Year Birth City
Abreu, Juan Pitcher 1985 San Francisco de Macoris
Acevedo, Jose Pitcher 1977 Santo Domingo
Acosta, Kelyn Pitcher 1985 Azua
Adrian, Yancorix Pitcher 1989 San Pedro de Macoris
Aguasvivas, Juaner First Base 1989 Bani
Alba, Gibson Pitcher 1960 Santiago
Alcala, Santo Pitcher 1952 San Pedro de Macoris
Alcantara, Izzy Outfield 1973 Santo Domingo
Alexander, Manny Shortstop 1971 San Pedro de Macoris
Almanzar, Carlos Pitcher 1973 Santiago
Almonte, Eduardo Outfield 1990 Bonao
Almonte, Edwin Pitcher 1976 Santiago
Almonte, Erick Shortstop 1978 Santo Domingo
Almonte, Hector Pitcher 1975 Santo Domingo
Alou, Felipe Outfield 1935 Haina
Alou, Jesus Outfield 1942 Haina
Alou, Matty Outfield 1938 Haina
Andujar, Joaquin Pitcher 1952 San Pedro de Macoris
Andujar, Luis Pitcher 1972 Bani
Aramboles, Ricardo Pitcher 1981 Santo Domingo
Arias, Alberto Pitcher 1983 Santo Domingo
Arias, Johan Pitcher 1992 Bani
Asencio, Miguel Pitcher 1980 Villa Mella
Astacio, Pedro Pitcher 1968 Hato Mayor
Aybar, Manny Pitcher 1972 Bani
Aybar, Rafael Second Base 1990 El Limonal, Bani
Aybar, Willy Third Base 1983 Bani
Baez, Benito Pitcher 1977 Bonao
Baez, Gregory Pitcher 1992 Santo Domingo
Baez, Jose Second Base 1953 San Cristobal
Batista, Miguel Pitcher 1971 Santo Domingo
Batista, Rafael First Base 1945 San Pedro de Macoris
Batista, Tony Third Base 1973 Puerto Plata
Bautista, Danny Outfield 1972 Santo Domingo
Bautista, Denny Pitcher 1980 Santo Domingo
Bautista, Jose Pitcher 1964 Bani
Bell, George Outfield 1959 San Pedro De Macoris
Bell, Juan Second Base 1968 San Pedro de Macoris
Belliard, Rafael Shortstop 1961 Pueblo Nuevo
Beltre, Adrian Third Base 1979 Santo Domingo
Beltre, Esteban Shortstop 1967 Quisqueya
Beltre, Omar Pitcher 1981 Santo Domingo
Bernhardt, Juan N/A 1953 San Pedro de Macoris
Berroa, Geronimo N/A 1965 Santo Domingo
Berroa, Javier Pitcher 1987 Villa Mella
Berroa, Simon Pitcher 1987 Santo Domingo
Betemit, Wilson Third Base 1981 Santo Domingo
Bierd, Randor Pitcher 1984 Santo Domingo
Blanco, Tony Third Base 1981 San Juan de la Maguana
Bonifacio, Joan Outfield 1990 Santiago
Borbon, Pedro Pitcher 1946 Mao
Borbon, Pedro Pitcher 1967 Mao
Bournigal, Rafael Shortstop 1966 Azua
Brazoban, Jose Pitcher 1993 Santo Domingo
Brea, Lesli Pitcher 1973 San Pedro de Macoris
Brito, Bernardo Outfield 1963 San Cristobal
Brito, Eude Pitcher 1978 Sabana de la Mar
Brito, Jorge Catcher 1966 Moncion
Brito, Tilson Second Base 1972 Santo Domingo
Burgos, Ambiorix Pitcher 1984 Nagua
Cabreja, Joseph Third Base 1990 Santo Domingo
Cabrera, Daniel Pitcher 1981 San Pedro de Macoris
Cabrera, Francisco First Base 1966 Santo Domingo
Cabrera, Jose Pitcher 1972 Santiago
Cabrera, Juan Pitcher 1991 Santiago
Calzado, Napoleon Third Base 1977 Santo Domingo
Campusano, Edward Pitcher 1982 San Pedro de Macoris
Campusano, Sil Outfield 1965 Santo Domingo
Cano, Jose Pitcher 1962 Boca del Soco
Capellan, Jose Pitcher 1981 Cotui
Capellan, Jose Pitcher 1986 San Fran de Macoris
Caraballo, Ramon Second Base 1969 Rio San Juan
Carmona, Rogelio Pitcher 1989 Bani
Carreno, Joel Pitcher 1987 San Cristobal
Carty, Rico Outfield 1939 San Pedro de Macoris
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