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Retired Players from the DR

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Name (Last, First) Position Birth Year Birth City
Mateo, Andres Pitcher 1991 Santo Domingo
Mateo, Henry Second Base 1976 Santo Domingo
Mateo, Juan Pitcher 1982 Bani
Mateo, Julio Pitcher 1977 Bani
Mathiw, Santos Outfield 1986 San Pedro de Macoris
Matos, Francisco Second Base 1969 Santo Domingo
Matos, Guillermo First Base 1991 Santo Domingo
Matos, Luis Pitcher 1990 Azua
Matos, Osiris Pitcher 1984 Santo Domingo
Matos, Pascual Catcher 1974 Barahona
Medina, Bolivar Pitcher 1988 San Pedro de Macoris
Mejia, Henry Pitcher 1989 Ramon Santa
Mejia, Miguel Outfield 1975 San Pedro de Macoris
Mejia, Roberto Second Base 1972 Hato Mayor del Rey
Mejias, Sam Outfield 1952 Santiago
Melo, Juan Third Base 1976 Bani
Mendez, Adalberto Pitcher 1982 Santo Domingo
Mendez, Henry Pitcher 1989 Azua
Mendez, Irvit Pitcher 1990 Azua
Mendez, Miguel Catcher 1988 Los Toros
Mendez, Samir First Base 1992 San Francisco de Macoris
Mendez, Victor Outfield 1980 Las Matas de Farfan
Meque, Jacobo Pitcher 1983 Villa Altagracia
Mercedes, Henry Catcher 1969 Santo Domingo
Mercedes, Jose Pitcher 1971 El Seibo
Mercedes, Luis Outfield 1968 San Pedro de Macoris
Mercedes, Roque Pitcher 1986 La Romana
Mesa, Jose Pitcher 1966 Pueblo Viejo
Mojica, Anthony Second Base 1992 San Pedro de Macoris
Mojica, Jose Outfield 1988 Bani
Mondesi, Raul Outfield 1971 San Cristobal
Montero, Agustin Pitcher 1977 San Pedro de Macoris
Montero, Dennys Pitcher 1989 Boca Chica
Montero, Moises Catcher 1989 Santiago
Morban, Jose Shortstop 1979 San Cristobal
Morel, Ramon Pitcher 1974 Villa Gonzalez
Moreno, Jose Second Base 1957 Santo Domingo
Moreno, Victor Pitcher 1975 Santo Domingo
Moreno, Victor Pitcher 1982 Hato Mayor del Rey
Morfe, Arsenio Second Base 1988 Puerto Plata
Morillo, Juan Pitcher 1983 San Pedro de Macoris
Mota, Andy Second Base 1966 Santo Domingo
Mota, Danny Pitcher 1974 Seybol
Mota, Guillermo Pitcher 1973 San Pedro de Macoris
Mota, Jose Second Base 1965 Santo Domingo
Mota, Manny Outfield 1938 Santo Domingo
Mota, Miguel N/A 1985 Anama, El Seibo
Munoz, Arnie Pitcher 1982 Mao
Natera, Fausto Shortstop 1988 San Pedro de Macoris
Natera, Jiminson Outfield 1992 San Pedro de Macoris
Nivar, Ramon Outfield 1980 San Cristobal
Noboa, Junior Second Base 1964 Azua
Norberto, Jose Outfield 1990 Santo Domingo
Norman, Nelson Shortstop 1958 San Pedro de Macoris
Novoa, Roberto Pitcher 1979 Las Matas de Farfan
Nunez, Abraham M. Outfield 1977 Haina
Nunez, Abraham O. Third Base 1976 Santo Domingo
Nunez, Franklin Pitcher 1977 Nagua
Nunez, Jhonny Pitcher 1985 San Jose de las Matas
Nunez, Jose Pitcher 1979 Monte Cristi
Nunez, Jose Antonio Pitcher 1964 Jarabacoa
Offerman, Jose Shortstop 1968 San Pedro de Macoris
Oliva, Jose Third Base 1971 San Pedro de Macoris
Olivo, Chi-Chi Pitcher 1928 Guayubin
Olivo, Diomedes Pitcher 1919 Guayubin
Olivo, Miguel Catcher 1978 Villa Vasquez
Ortega, Yonata Pitcher 1986 Bajos De Haina
Ortiz, David N/A 1975 Santo Domingo
Ortiz, Jose Second Base 1977 Santo Domingo
Ortiz, Luis Third Base 1970 Santo Domingo
Ortiz, Ramon Pitcher 1973 Cotui
Ortiz, Roquely Pitcher 1994 N/A
Osoria, Franquelis Pitcher 1981 Santiago
Oviedo, Grabiel Pitcher 1989 Santo Domingo
Oviedo, Jonathan Pitcher 1987 San Cristobal
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