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  • Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is one of the main tenets of Major League Baseball in the Dominican Republic and this commitment has helped to spur many projects that give back to a country that has produced many great players. MLB's Santo Domingo Office has made it a mission to coordinate with MLB Clubs, executives and players to implement sustainable projects and programs that impact local communities.

  • MLB en la Comunidad

    MLB en la Comunidad is Major League Baseball's newest initiative that aims to use baseball's popularity as a vehicle to impact the Dominican Republic through community outreach programs that promote positive play, education, civic pride, environmental awareness and humanitarian values. MLB en la Comunidad seeks to establish corporate, community and civic partnerships that will help implement effective community programming geared toward improving the lives of Dominican youth.

    Through the program's five tenets, MLB en la Comunidad will support the following initiatives:

    Positive Play
    - RBI
    - MLB Amateur Prospect League
    - Baseball Clinics
    - Equipment Donation and Collections
    - Baseball Tomorrow Fund
    - Educational programming for coaches, players and parents of players
    - Continued promotion of education

    Environmental Awareness
    - Recycling Initiatives
    - Beach Cleanups
    - Tree Plantings

    Civic Pride
    - School Remodeling
    - Local beautification days

    Humanitarian Values
    - Health Missions
    - University Partnerships


    The Major League Baseball Dominican Development Alliance (MLB-DDA) is a unique cross sector partnership between MLB and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Alliance uses the popularity and influence of baseball in the Dominican Republic, and the financial and human resources of member organizations to carry out sustainable development projects that focus on education, health, youth development and economic development in underserved communities.

    The MLB-DDA began with the creation of the USAID Incentive fund of US$1,000,000 in May 2009. The Fund was designed to leverage equal donations from MLB teams, players or fans to carry out development projects in the communities where MLB Club Academies are located or where there is a connection via a team or player in the community. The MLB-DDA has worked with current and retired baseball players and teams to set up educational after-school youth programs, improve school infrastructure and the quality of education, provide school credit for entrepreneurial courses and improve access to quality to medical care for the underserved. To date, the incentive fund has leveraged nearly $2 million through six major league teams, six players and the Major League Baseball Players Association Players Trust.

  • Dominican Republic RBI

    Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI), a Major League Baseball youth initiative designed to provide young people from underserved and diverse communities with the opportunity to play baseball and softball, encourage academic success, and teach the value of teamwork and other important life lessons, serves more than 200,000 youth in more than 300 programs established in 200 cities worldwide.

    Since 2003, the Dominican Republic has participated in the program and has since expanded to four programs located in Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Pedro de Macoris and Villa Altagracia. Dominican Republic RBI, the host of the last two RBI Caribbean Regional tournaments, has been successful in international play at the RBI World Series, with three consecutive titles won in the Junior Baseball Division of the tournament (2010, 2011, and 2012) and two titles won in the softball division (2008 and 2012).