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 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
151.    Rodriguez, Wandy  P  HOU  HOU  1/25/11  Signed three-year extension
152.    Sampson, Chris  RP  HOU  COL  2/16/11  Minor league contract
153.    Sullivan, Cory  OF  HOU  PHI  2/24/11  Minor league contract
154.    Bannister, Brian  SP  KC  ---  ---  Signed with the Tokyo Giants of Nippon Professional Baseball
155.    Betancourt, Yuniesky  SS  KC  MIL  12/19/10  Traded with Zack Greinke and cash for Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Jeremy Jeffress and Jake Odorizzi
156.    Butler, Billy  1B  KC  KC  1/22/11  Agrees to four-year extension.
157.    Chen, Bruce  SP  KC  KC  1/19/11  Minor league contract
158.    Cruz, Juan  RP  KC  TB  2/03/11  Minor league contract
159.    DeJesus, David  OF  KC  OAK  11/10/10  Traded for Justin Marks and Vin Mazzaro
160.    Farnsworth, Kyle  RP  KC  TB  1/17/11  One year with a club option for 2012
161.    Greinke, Zack  SP  KC  MIL  12/19/10  Traded with Yuniesky Betancourt and cash for Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Jeremy Jeffress and Jake Odorizzi
162.    Lerew, Anthony  RP  KC  OAK  11/16/10  Minor league contract
163.    Miller, Jai  OF  KC  OAK  11/12/10  Minor league contract
164.    Rupe, Josh  RP  KC  BAL  11/29/10  Minor league contract
165.    Anderson, Garret  OF  LAD  ---  ---  Retired
166.    Ausmus, Brad  C  LAD  ---  ---  Retired
167.    Barajas, Rod  C  LAD  LAD  12/08/10  One-year contract
168.    Belliard, Ronnie  2B  LAD  NYY  2/08/11  Minor league contract
169.    Castro, Juan  SS  LAD  LAD  12/27/10  Minor league contract
170.    Gibbons, Jay  OF  LAD  LAD  11/05/10  One-year contract
171.    Haeger, Charlie  SP  LAD  SEA  11/24/10  Minor league contract
172.    Johnson, Reed  OF  LAD  CHC  1/17/11  Minor league contract
173.    Kuroda, Hiroki  SP  LAD  LAD  11/16/10  One-year contract
174.    Martin, Russell  C  LAD  NYY  12/15/10  One-year contract
175.    Miller, Justin  RP  LAD  SEA  11/17/10  Minor league contract
176.    Padilla, Vicente  SP  LAD  LAD  12/13/10  One-year contract
177.    Podsednik, Scott  OF  LAD  TOR  3/02/11  Minor league contract
178.    Sherrill, George  RP  LAD  ATL  12/10/10  One-year contract
179.    Theriot, Ryan  2B  LAD  STL  11/30/10  Traded for Blake Hawksworth
180.    Weaver, Jeff  RP  LAD  ---  ---  ---
181.    Bush, Dave  SP  MIL  TEX  1/30/11  Minor league contract
182.    Capuano, Chris  SP  MIL  NYM  1/05/11  One-year contract
183.    Coffey, Todd  RP  MIL  WSH  1/19/11  One-year contract
184.    Counsell, Craig  IF  MIL  MIL  1/03/11  One-year contract
185.    Hoffman, Trevor  RP  MIL  ---  ---  Retired
186.    Inglett, Joe  OF  MIL  TB  2/18/11  Minor league contract - Traded to Astros at end of spring training
187.    Riske, David  RP  MIL  BAL  2/08/11  Minor league contract
188.    Smith, Chris  RP  MIL  SEA  11/24/10  Minor league contract
189.    Stern, Adam  OF  MIL  ---  ---  Minor league free agent
190.    Suppan, Jeff  SP  MIL  SF  2/09/11  Minor league contract
191.    Zaun, Gregg  C  MIL  SD  1/19/11  Club option declined - Minor league contract - Released in spring training
192.    Casilla, Alexi  2B  MIN  MIN  1/16/11  Signed one-year deal.
193.    Crain, Jesse  RP  MIN  CWS  12/20/10  Three-year contract
194.    Flores, Randy  RP  MIN  SD  2/27/11  Minor league contract
195.    Fuentes, Brian  RP  MIN  OAK  1/28/11  Two years with a club option for 2013
196.    Guerrier, Matt  RP  MIN  LAD  12/16/10  Three-year contract
197.    Hardy, J.J.  SS  MIN  BAL  12/09/10  Traded with Brendan Harris for Jim Hoey and Brett Jacobson
198.    Hudson, Orlando  2B  MIN  SD  12/21/10  Two years with a mutual option for 2013
199.    Kubel, Jason  OF  MIN  MIN  10/28/10  Club option exercised
200.    Mahay, Ron  RP  MIN  LAD  2/04/11  Minor league contract
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