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 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
201.    Lerew, Anthony  RP  KC  OAK  11/16/10  Minor league contract
202.    Matsui, Hideki  DH  LAA  OAK  12/15/10  One-year contract
203.    McCarthy, Brandon  SP  TEX  OAK  12/16/10  One-year contract
204.    Miller, Jai  OF  KC  OAK  11/12/10  Minor league contract
205.    Willingham, Josh  OF  WSH  OAK  12/16/10  Traded for Corey Brown and Henry Rodriguez
206.    Ziegler, Brad  P  OAK  OAK  1/15/11  Agrees to one-year deal.
207.    Bass, Brian  RP  PIT  PHI  1/06/11  Minor league contract
208.    Bonine, Eddie  RP  DET  PHI  11/19/10  Minor league contract
209.    Contreras, Jose  RP  PHI  PHI  11/16/10  Two years with a club option for 2013
210.    Kratz, Erik  C  PIT  PHI  11/19/10  Minor league contract
211.    Lee, Cliff  SP  TEX  PHI  12/15/10  Five-year contract
212.    Meyer, Dan  RP  MIA  PHI  11/19/10  Minor league contract
213.    Moss, Brandon  OF  PIT  PHI  11/22/10  Minor league contract
214.    Quinlan, Robb  1B  LAA  PHI  12/13/10  Minor league contract - Released during spring training
215.    Romero, J.C.  RP  PHI  PHI  3/15/11  One-year contract
216.    Sullivan, Cory  OF  HOU  PHI  2/24/11  Minor league contract
217.    Young, Delwyn  OF  PIT  PHI  1/06/11  Minor league contract
218.    Atkins, Garrett  1B  BAL  PIT  12/23/10  Minor league contract
219.    Beimel, Joe  RP  COL  PIT  2/13/11  Minor league contract
220.    Correia, Kevin  SP  SD  PIT  12/17/10  Two-year contract
221.    Diaz, Matt  OF  ATL  PIT  12/13/10  Two-year contract
222.    Marte, Andy  IF  CLE  PIT  12/01/10  Minor league contract
223.    Olsen, Scott  SP  WSH  PIT  12/10/10  One year with a club option for 2012
224.    Olson, Garrett  RP  SEA  PIT  3/18/11  Claimed off waivers
225.    Overbay, Lyle  1B  TOR  PIT  12/15/10  One-year contract
226.    Veras, Jose  RP  MIA  PIT  1/21/11  Minor league contract
227.    Bartlett, Jason  SS  TB  SD  12/17/10  Traded for Cole Figueroa, Brandon Gomes, Cesar Ramos and Adam Russell
228.    Cantu, Jorge  IF  TEX  SD  1/31/11  One-year contract
229.    Deduno, Samuel  RP  COL  SD  1/28/11  Claimed off waivers
230.    Flores, Randy  RP  MIN  SD  2/27/11  Minor league contract
231.    Frandsen, Kevin  IF  LAA  SD  1/06/11  Minor league contract
232.    Gonzalez, Alberto  IF  WSH  SD  3/28/11  Traded for Erik Davis and cash
233.    Harang, Aaron  SP  CIN  SD  12/08/10  One year with a mutual option for 2012
234.    Hawpe, Brad  1B  TB  SD  1/03/11  One year with a mutual option for 2012
235.    Hudson, Orlando  2B  MIN  SD  12/21/10  Two years with a mutual option for 2013
236.    Johnson, Rob  C  SEA  SD  12/21/10  Traded for cash
237.    Maybin, Cameron  OF  MIA  SD  11/13/10  Traded for Edward Mujica and Ryan Webb
238.    Moseley, Dustin  SP  NYY  SD  12/13/10  One-year contract
239.    Neshek, Pat  RP  MIN  SD  3/20/11  Claimed off waivers
240.    Patterson, Eric  OF  BOS  SD  12/16/10  He was the PTBN in the Adrian Gonzalez trade
241.    Perdomo, Luis  RP  SD  SD  12/03/10  Minor league contract
242.    Qualls, Chad  RP  TB  SD  1/20/11  One year with a club option for 2012
243.    Quiroz, Guillermo  C  SEA  SD  12/23/10  Minor league contract
244.    Zaun, Gregg  C  MIL  SD  1/19/11  Club option declined - Minor league contract - Released in spring training
245.    Bautista, Denny  RP  SF  SEA  12/14/10  Minor league contract
246.    Bedard, Erik  SP  SEA  SEA  12/02/10  One-year contract
247.    Gerut, Jody  OF  SD  SEA  1/20/11  Minor league contract
248.    Gimenez, Chris  C  CLE  SEA  12/15/10  Minor league contract
249.    Gross, Gabe  OF  OAK  SEA  2/04/11  Minor league contract
250.    Haeger, Charlie  SP  LAD  SEA  11/24/10  Minor league contract
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