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 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
1.    Frandsen, Kevin  IF  LAA  SD  1/06/11  Minor league contract
2.    Matsui, Hideki  DH  LAA  OAK  12/15/10  One-year contract
3.    Napoli, Mike  C  LAA  TEX  1/25/11  Traded to Blue Jays with Juan Rivera for Vernon Wells, then traded for Frank Francisco
4.    Quinlan, Robb  1B  LAA  PHI  12/13/10  Minor league contract - Released during spring training
5.    Rivera, Juan  OF  LAA  TOR  1/21/11  Traded with Mike Napoli for Vernon Wells
6.    Ryan, Michael  OF  LAA  ---  ---  Minor league free agent
7.    Shields, Scot  RP  LAA  ---  ---  Retired
8.    Stokes, Brian  RP  LAA  ---  ---  Released - Unsigned at end of spring training
9.    Benson, Kris  SP  ARI  ---  ---  Retired
10.    Boyer, Blaine  RP  ARI  NYM  1/25/10  Minor league contract
11.    Carrasco, D.J.  RP  ARI  NYM  12/10/10  Two-year contract
12.    Church, Ryan  OF  ARI  ---  ---  Non-tendered
13.    Crosby, Bobby  3B  ARI  ---  ---  Released
14.    Hampton, Mike  RP  ARI  ARI  12/08/10  Minor league contract - Retired at end of spring training
15.    LaRoche, Adam  1B  ARI  WSH  1/18/11  Two years with a mutual option for 2013
16.    Lopez, Rodrigo  SP  ARI  ATL  1/31/11  Minor league contract
17.    Ojeda, Augie  IF  ARI  CHC  1/27/11  Minor league contract
18.    Reynolds, Mark  3B  ARI  BAL  12/06/10  Traded with a PTBN (John Hester) for David Hernandez and Kam Mickolio
19.    Ankiel, Rick  OF  ATL  WSH  12/18/10  One-year contract
20.    Cabrera, Melky  OF  ATL  KC  12/16/10  One-year contract
21.    Diaz, Matt  OF  ATL  PIT  12/13/10  Two-year contract
22.    Dunn, Mike  RP  ATL  MIA  11/16/10  Traded with Omar Infante for Dan Uggla
23.    Glaus, Troy  1B  ATL  ---  ---  Decided to sit out 2011
24.    Gonzalez, Alex  SS  ATL  ATL  11/02/10  Club option exercised
25.    Hinske, Eric  OF  ATL  ATL  12/06/10  One year with a club option for 2012
26.    Infante, Omar  IF  ATL  MIA  11/16/10  Traded with Mike Dunn for Dan Uggla
27.    Lee, Derrek  1B  ATL  BAL  1/06/11  One-year contract
28.    Saito, Takashi  RP  ATL  MIL  1/05/11  One-year contract
29.    Albers, Matt  RP  BAL  BOS  12/16/10  One-year contract
30.    Atkins, Garrett  1B  BAL  PIT  12/23/10  Minor league contract
31.    Aubrey, Michael  1B  BAL  WSH  12/20/10  Minor league contract
32.    Castillo, Alberto  RP  BAL  BAL  12/23/10  Minor league contract
33.    Hall, Bill  IF  BAL  HOU  12/23/10  One year with a mutual option for 2012
34.    Hendrickson, Mark  RP  BAL  BAL  2/03/11  Minor league contract
35.    Hernandez, David  SP  BAL  ARI  12/06/10  Traded with RHP Kam Mickolio for third baseman Mark Reynolds
36.    Izturis, Cesar  SS  BAL  BAL  1/06/11  One-year contract
37.    Lugo, Julio  2B  BAL  ---  ---  Unsigned through spring training
38.    Meredith, Cla  RP  BAL  WSH  2/02/11  Minor league contract
39.    Millwood, Kevin  SP  BAL  NYY  3/31/11  Minor league contract
40.    Moore, Scott  2B  BAL  CHC  11/20/10  Minor league contract
41.    Uehara, Koji  RP  BAL  BAL  12/14/10  One year with a vesting option for 2012
42.    Wigginton, Ty  IF  BAL  COL  12/16/10  Two years with a club option for 2013
43.    Beltre, Adrian  3B  BOS  TEX  1/05/11  Six-year contract
44.    Buchholz, Taylor  RP  BOS  NYM  1/05/11  One-year contract
45.    Cash, Kevin  C  BOS  TEX  11/16/10  Minor league contract
46.    Hill, Rich  RP  BOS  BOS  12/11/10  Minor league contract
47.    Lopez, Felipe  IF  BOS  TB  2/02/11  Minor league contract
48.    Manuel, Robert  RP  BOS  ---  ---  Minor league free agent
49.    Martinez, Victor  C  BOS  DET  11/26/10  Four-year contract
50.    Okajima, Hideki  RP  BOS  BOS  1/10/11  One-year contract
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