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Top Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Friday, August 5, 2011 5:30 PM

In what has to be one of my all-time favorite Twitter discussions, many of us spent a good deal of time yesterday wracking our brains for the most clever fantasy baseball team name. While Mike and I tried and failed at coming up with a couple of our own (we'll say it was intentional for comedic purposes), some of the suggestions we got were down right hysterical.

I figured it would be fun to give you a list of some of the best, and see if any of you can top the ones listed below. If you think you can, tweet it @MLBFanCave with #FantasyBaseballNames and we'll check it out.

"Teixeiring is Caring"

"It's Mauer Never"

"Honey Nut Ichiros"

"Tulo-wit To Quit"

"If the Shoe Fisk, Wear It" (Love this one, by the way)

"Stanton Room Only"

"Hunter SixPence None the Richer" (Only because I love the song "Kiss Me". Gets me every time.)

"Grand Theft Votto"

"LaPorta Pottie"

Every single one of these made me laugh. And even though my contribution, "Betancourt Eat Just One, " was soundly dismissed, I must admit that I feel my Fantasy Football team name from a year ago takes the cake.

Taste DeWayne Bowe

And considering my team won the championship, it'll be a name I use again. Top that, Twitterverse! Comments

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