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Dwellers Dish on Mets Sandwiches

Friday, May 4, 2012 2:09 PM

The New York Mets added two new signature sandwiches to the Citi Field food lineup this season, The New Yawkah and the 7-1-ATE Special. The sandwiches are currently being served in the Promenade Club at Citi Field, but only one will stay. Fans will decide which sandwich will be a permanent addition to the menu by voting for the sandwich they like better on the Mets Facebook page to vote. The sandwich that accumulates the most votes by the All-Star Break wins. On Wednesday, chefs from Citi Field and ARAMARK presented each option to the Cave Dwellers at the MLB Fan Cave. Below, Cave Dwellers Ben Christensen, Gordon Mack, Shaun Kippins and Ricky Mast present their sandwich preferences.

Ben: 7-1-ATE Special—Before Wednesday, I had always prided myself on the wide variety of sandwiches I made myself for breakfast on a near-routine basis. For the most part they were simple: eggs, bacon, potato bread, etc. No matter how delicious they were, any bit of a career in culinary arts came to a screeching halt when I was matched up against the 718, a monstrous and amazingly delicious “manwich" created by the chefs for the New York Mets. This behemoth starts with ciabatta bread and a cherry pepper spread for a little spice. It is then layered with a bisected sausage link, hashbrown patties, a fried egg and cole slaw for a delightful, yet tangy zip. All in all, the intense explosion of flavor brought me to my knees and made me realize that I will never be able to achieve such greatness in the kitchen as I experienced after eating that sandwich.

Gordon: The Mets prepared for us three ballpark meals with ingredients ranging from melted swiss cheese, bacon, nachos, hash browns and even pretzel bread. So if you were to ask me, how was it? I would say nothing because I would still be eating and it would be rude for me to talk with food in my mouth. If you want my honest opinion on how good the food was, you will have to wait a couple weeks because I want seconds and thirds and fourths and… Yes, each sandwich was that good.

Ricky: The Mets brought two awesomely huge sandwiches for us to try. The first, the 7-1-ATE Special, included what looked like five solid pounds of Italian sausage topped with fried eggs and hash browns. It was amazing to say the least, but for my money I would take the other sandwich, The New Yawkah. Cleverly built upon a delicious pretzel bun, this sandwich was made of, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting this right, 18 pounds of corned beef, 48 strips of bacon, potato fries, pickles and cole slaw. To sum it up quickly, it was an explosion of deliciousness upon my palate.

Shaun: I REALLY liked The New Yawkah a lot. Not only because I am a New Yorker, but because it was delicious. I would never have thought to stack so much goodness on two buns, nonetheless on pretzel buns! All together it was a my favorite sandwich.

Which sandwich do you like better? Visit the Mets Facebook page to vote. Comments

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