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Ricardo's Top Five Cave Watching Moments

Friday, May 4, 2012 4:02 PM

A month into the season, us dwellers have watched 367 games and have seen some ridiculous baseball. Now, there are nine of us dwelling and I know that many of my fellow Dwellers are probably going to disagree with me. But here are my top five moments watching baseball on the Cave Monster.

Jered Weaver and his No-Hit game - What? You thought I wouldn't go all homer on this? Come on! Being 2,770 miles away from the Big A and experiencing that here in the Cave was absolutely hilarious. As baseball fans, we all have our superstitions and mine happened to be to not move from one of the orange chairs we have in the Cave. From the fourth inning on, my heart was absolutely pounding and I was trying not to jinx it. Of course, everyone in the Cave happened to have their cameras out and recorded the footage. Congrats Weave!

Philip Humber's Perfecto- Wow. That early in the season and we're already witnessing perfection? Yes, we can debate whether Brendan Ryan did swing or not, but the fact of the matter is you cannot take that moment away from the MLB Fan Cave. Every Dweller became a White Sox fan and cheered for Humber to finish perfection. I still remember a crowd forming at the window and Kyle Thompson going to up to the window writing down the inning and how many outs. Once the final out was recorded, the Cave literally erupted.

Japan Opening Series- Seeing as how this was the first game all of us Cave Dwellers watched together, this made it extremely special. Another part to this day was having me dress up in a traditional Japanese Kimono. Yes, it required me to take off my shirt in front of a ton of MLB employees and my fellow Dwellers. Sorry for partying.

Todd Helton's 250 Vertical Ft Walk Off Home Run- After a few rain delays and us Dwellers wondering if we were going to be in the cave until 3:00 am, Todd Helton (hold off on your, "He's as old as Dinger." jokes) walks up to the plate, waits for the right pitch and completely skyrockets the craziest home run we see. It defied gravity, physics and logic. Todd Helton, teach me how to defy logic.

The Night We All Lost- There are eight teams being represented in the MLB Fan Cave. Well, unless you take into account what team shirt Ben is wearing that day since he loves baseball, period. Aside from that, the percentage of all of our teams losing on the same day is pretty low. We were probably a week into the season and one by one, each of our teams started to lose. The only team that stood a chance at winning was Gordon Mack's Phillies. So what do we do? We all decided to start chanting "We all lose! WE ALL LOSE!" Sure enough, the baseball gods caught wind of this and made it happen. After 367 games, it hasn't happened again. And I can not wait until it does. Unless the Angels have a shot at winning.

So there you have it. Be sure to tweet to me @iBlogBetter and @MLBFanCave about your favorite baseball moment a month into the season. Or you can completely disagree with me. Comments

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