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Debate: Best Mustache in Baseball

Sunday, May 27, 2012 8:56 PM

Mustaches get a bad wrap. They're always associated with evil villains who want to tie you to a train track with a stick of dynamite (and seriously, who uses dynamite anymore?), the 70's (which ruled, by the way) and my grandmother (I doubt she'll read this). I'm here to put an end to that. Seeing as how I'm the token mustachioed Dweller, I'm going to list my top five current MLB Players who are doing us with mustaches a service. With out further ado, here.we.go.

1. John Axford - I don't even have to say anything. Obviously the man knows a thing or two about 'staches. Just waiting for the day he comes to me and share his secrets.

2. Kevin Mattison - Every thing is over the top in Miami. Including facial hair.

3. Dale Thayer - Apparently all that sun in San Diego gives mustaches some extra nutrients for growth.

4. Sam Lecure - Lecure is making me RED in the face because I can't grow a thick mustache. Did you guys get the pun I put in there? Cause he plays for the Reds…No? ok..

5. Howie Kendrick - Yes, the homer pick of the blog. Howie Kendrick is not only sporting cool hip stache, but he's paying homage to former Angel great Garrett Anderson. He even made up a hashtag for it. #GAStache, you are looking great.

Who do you think has the best mustache in baseball? Tweet @MLBFanCave using #MLBFC. Comments

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