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Who is the Best 1B in Baseball?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 11:53 AM

With the help of my fellow Cave Dwellers, here are my rankings for the top current first baseman in baseball.

1. Joey Votto

In terms of the categories that I hold most important for 1B (all-around consistency, solid defense, power, high average, and leadership), he is plus in them all. He is the cream of the crop right now in MLB.

2. Paul Konerko

“He leads the AL in avg, and he’s hitting cleanup for a 1st place team. I think he will actually get his due this year unlike in the past. He is the main reason why a guy like Adam Dunn is seeing so many good pitches this year.” – Shaun (@SkippinsYNN)

3. Prince Fielder

“He is half of probably the most feared 3-4 hitting combo in the majors and for good reason. Also, he can eat more pizza than I can—which is awesome!” – Ricky (@RickyMast)

4. Adrian Gonzalez

“He is incredibly consistent on teams that have struggled with consistency over the past few years of his career. His numbers speak for themselves, and he has always been a strong positive influence in the clubhouse.” – Ashley (@smashleychavez)

5. Albert Pujols

“He will have a bad month, and then he will absolutely destroy. Albert Pujols gets weird.” –Ricardo (@iBlogBetter)

Also considered: Freedie Freeman, Adam Dunn, Mark Teixeira.

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