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Ernesto Frieri Deserves Your Vote

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 8:59 AM

When I was asked why I thought Ernesto Frieri should head to the All-Star game, I thought all I had to write was this…

"Ernesto Frieri has 42 strikeouts, a .90 WHIP, 0.00 ERA all in 24.1 innings. Tweet to @MLBFanCave about something else because obviously he deserves to win the Final Vote."

Then I figured that I probably should write something a little long and perhaps better. So I give to you, facts and non-facts about Ernesto Frieri. You be the judge on what's real or not.

- Ernesto Frieri once hit a batter. That batter ended up in the 1920's. He was never discovered again.

- Ernesto Frieri's middle name is "No seriously, I just struck you out. Go sit down" or NSIJSYOGSD for short.

- When Ernasty played for the Fort Wayne Wizards, the mascot was just Frieri. He made batters disappear seconds after they stepped on the mound.

- Yu Darvish has a whole country (Japan) voting for him. Ernesto has Earth, Mars, Endor, and some other Sci-Fi planets I can't think of.

- Ernesto Frieri wants your vote because he cares about you. DO THE OTHER FINALISTS CARE ABOUT YOU LIKE FRIERI!?!?! NOPE! DID THEY MAKE YOU A CAKE?! NOPE

So, tweet to @MLBFanCave and let us know why you think Ernesto Frieri deserves to head to the All-Star Game. Huh? You aren't voting for Frieri? Feel free to tweet @MLBWrongAnswer about that decision. Or you can tweet me @iBlogBetter so I can steer you straight. Comments

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