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What's Faster than Billy Hamilton? (Video)

Friday, July 20, 2012 9:19 AM

If the baseball world didn’t know who Billy Hamilton was a week ago, they should now! This week, the Reds’ minor league prospect legged out an inside-the-park HR in a cool 13.8 seconds for the AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos (and he wasn’t running hard out of the box).

Add that to the fact that he has 110 stolen bases in only 89 games this season, and you can make the argument that he is the fastest baseball player on any level.

During his inside-the-park HR trot, he went an amazing 17.79 MPH! It begs the question, what’s faster than Billy Hamilton?

Avg human in the HR Slide: 3.3 MPH!

The world’s fastest man (Usain Bolt): 28 MPH!

One of the world’s fastest fish (Wahoo): 60 MPH!

World’s fastest animal (Cheetah): 72 MPH!

Stockcar: 200 MPH!

Tornado’s wind: 318 MPH!

World’s fastest speed train (the V150): 357.2 MPH!

Speed of sound: 761 MPH!

World’s fastest plane (HTV-2): 13,000 MPH! (17 x the speed of sound)

Speed of light: 670,616,629 MPH!

Well, we may have proved that there are plenty of things on this planet that are faster than Hamilton, but it seems pretty clear that he is the fastest thing on a baseball diamond. It probably won’t be too long before we see his raw speed in the majors!

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