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Giants Video Game Ideas

Friday, August 31, 2012 5:43 PM

If you haven’t downloaded the first-ever mobile game featuring an MLB player, you must do it now. Buster Posey's Buster Bash is a brand new game in which the user is Buster Posey, trying to make it to the Big Leagues. Buster starts out in his hometown of Leesburg, GA hitting bombs on the farm and collecting sunflower seeds to power up. From there, the Buster avatar continues to move up the ranks into more difficult homer-bashing parks. It’s addicting to say the least.

Being the multi-tasking pro’s we are at the Cave, we find time throughout the day to bash and collect seeds on our iPhones. But it’s not only the Dwellers and the fans who are hooked. Many Giants beat reporters have tweeted about players in the clubhouse glued to their phones. One writer claimed he saw eight Giants at the same time, sitting quietly and playing the game. s this the new Angry Birds? We shall see.

Because of the fun we were having with Buster Bash, my fellow Cave Dweller Ricardo Marquez was wondering, what if other Giants had their own games? We started brainstorming, and since he is now the latest Photoshop wiz, he created these hilarious gems that I HAD to share with everyone!

Hopefully this will spark more player-themed video games in the near future. If you have any similar ideas, make sure to tweet us at @MLBFanCave using #MLBFC. Comments

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