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Monday, September 10, 2012 11:16 PM

The end of the regular season is right around the corner. Scary, right? Pennant races are in full effect, and we’re getting closer to determining the best-of-the-best players in both leagues. While the Giants are completely focused on their lead in the NL West vs the Blockbuster Dodgers, they also have a star player moving up the ranks in the NL MVP race.

Buster Posey has really been a star since he landed in the bigs. I don’t need to go over what happened in 2010, as most everyone knows the NL Rookie of the Year helped lead us to our first championship since being in the Bay. You may also know what happened the following year, when we lost him for the whole season due to a freak accident at the plate. This is Posey’s first FULL year in the majors, and all us Giants fans were very excited to see what he can do/fearful for his health and hoping he could even play a full season. Well he can, is just as great and only getting better.

The NL MVP’s main candidate has been the outstanding Andrew McCutchen, who has taken his team notorious for losing records into serious Postseason contention. While McCutchen started out on fire, he started cooling off after the break (only a bit), while Posey did the opposite. Buster’s second half has been something to marvel at. He has been an offensive cornerstone for the Giants despite the good and bad news stories the team has endured.

I could compare stats for you, but do you really need that? Let me tell you this: their numbers are VERY similar, and very fitting to the position they play and where they hit. So what makes one more valuable than the other? Both play commanding roles on the field, but I think Buster has a slight edge. he Giant’s have one of the best pitching staffs in the League, and they are anchored by the 25-year-old catcher. He’s not only called great games day in and out, but a perfect game on June 13. He is held as one of the elite catchers in the NL, next to guys like Ruiz, Molina and McCann. Did I mention this is his first full year in the Majors?! Yeah, he’s pretty good.

Most Valuable Players are of course, people who your team would struggle without, but they’re also great leaders on the field and off who can back it up with the bat (or an 8th inning fastball in the 90’s if you’re Justin Verlander). Buster Posey is just that, and since he’s leading this team to what looks like first place in the West, I', excited to see what he does for us in the Postseason again. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see NL #MVPOSEY and WS #MVPOSEY.

Go Giants,

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