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Top Five Outfield Catches of 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 6:14 PM

Well, the 2012 regular season is almost over. Now we all have to go back to the real world and talk about things that aren’t baseball-related like politics or why we left the toilet seat up. I’M SORRY I FAILED YOU, MOM! When the season comes to a close, the blogs that showcase the “Best of (Insert season year)” sprout up. Of course, as a blogger, I HAVE to do it. One, because I like to tell you my opinion and two, I enjoy having people telling me I’m wrong. I CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE!

The 2012 season saw some ridiculous catches made by some tremendous outfielders. Some catches had history on the line and others were just made because well…why not. Here’s my top 5 catches of the 2012 season. Definitely not ranking these catches because every one is just as crazy as the next.

1. Giants Blanco Saves the Day – That night in San Francisco, history was being made. If it wasn’t for Blanco’s catch, Matt Cain's perfect game would just be another game against the Astros. Cue awesomeness.

2. Mike Trout “The Catch” – JJ Hardy walks up to the plate and hits a mammoth homer. The only problem was that it wasn’t a home run due to the fact that the Prince Fish Michael Nelson Trout was guarding center field. Out of the blue, Trout sprints to the wall and makes an unbelievable catch and robs JJ Hardy of a homer. The Legend of Mike Trout was born.

3. Rajai Davis Pulls a Mike Trout – Rajai Davis had probably seen Mike Trout's catch and was like, “Meh, I’ll do one better one day”. Well, it happened. Rajai Davis climbs the left field wall in Toronto, reaches behind it, and robs a homer. Cue dome explosion.

4. Trayvon Robinson Doing Trayvon Robinson Thing – One time the Mariners played the Angels and Torii Hunter hit a homer. Problem was, Trayvon robbed the homer so it was more of a long pop fly. Trayvon did kinda the same thing but replace “robbed a homer” with “robbed a foul ball.”

5. Roger Bernadina Disappears – The Nationals were in Houston and had two outs in the ninth inning. What’s crazy about this is that the Astros were actually rallying to tie the game. Astros get the deep hit they needed, but Bernadina had another thing to say about it. Cameras couldn’t catch up with Bernadina and lost him in the center field wall. After five seconds, Bernadina gets up and shows that he made a miraculous catch to end the game.

Bonus Catch. Mike Trout Catches an Actual Trout – Come on, I HAD to put another Mike Trout catch in this blog. What, this doesn’t count as a catch? But Barry Enright was there to witness this!

So what’s you favorite catch of this season? Let me know @iBlogBetter on Twitter or the rest of us @MLBFanCave. Back to work I go; aka living the dream in the MLB Fan Cave. Comments

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