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Bill Murray Discusses First Visit to Wrigley Field

Thursday, November 29, 2012 8:26 PM

Back in June, we shared the video of comedian Bill Murray's South Atlantic League Hall of Fame induction speech. In a word, the speech was epic. Enough so that we feel compelled to embed the video again:

The New York Times recently asked Murray about that speech. In his response, Murray discussed his overall love of baseball and first visit to Wrigley Field.


Q. I found online that you recently gave a 10- or 12-minute extemporaneous speech to a minor-league baseball hall of fame. Even in a moment like that, are you playing a role or being your authentic self?

A. Well, I think there’s an authentic self. Thank you for reminding me. [The audience laughs.] No, it’s true. You go on automatic sometimes, where you’re just reacting, as opposed to being your authentic self. Up here I can talk like a turkey and be funny, but it’s not necessarily my authentic self. Unless I’m watching myself.

I spoke about the first time I went to Wrigley Field in Chicago, and I was a big Cubs fan, and I watched all the games on TV, but when I grew up, TV was in black and white. So when I was 7 years old, I was taken to my first Cubs games, and my brother Brian said, “Wait, Billy,” and he put his hands over my eyes, and he walked me up the stairs. And then he took his hands away. [He begins to get choked up.] And there was Wrigley Field, in green. There was this beautiful grass and this beautiful ivy. I’d only seen it in black and white. It was like I was a blind man made to see. It was something. Comments

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