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The WBC Starting Nine on Twitter

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 9:19 PM

It’s only appropriate that the players in a global tournament such as the World Baseball Classic would use a global social network to connect with others. Twitter allows them to express themselves, talk to fans, and in some cases be very, very – well – goofy. With the WBC underway and some of the most MLB–heavy teams getting ready to play, you might be looking to experience the WBC through Twitter. Here are the top 9 players to follow:

9. Brett Lawrie: @blawrie13

Team Canada’s Lawrie is known for being a little eccentric. His tweets are always fun, and he’ll let you know what’s going on at camp. He will also be someone with whom you might get some valuable interaction.

8. Gio Gonzalez: @GioGonzalez47

One of the most likable players in the majors, Gio will surely bring his personality to his WBC commentary. And he likes to mess with his peers, so who knows what will happen when he gets with some huge Team U.S.A. names.

7. Sergio Romo: @SergioRomo54

If you want a good follow on Team Mexico, look no further than the recent World Champion closer. He does RT a lot, but that just means he’s eager to interact with fans. And, of course, he always includes some Romo flair.

6. Derek Holland: @Dutch_Oven45

Sometimes you just want to learn about baseball stars in their natural element. Team U.S.A. starter Holland gives you just that. From comments about his favorite television show, Family Guy, to some interesting everyday dilemmas, he’ll keep you entertained.

5. Jimmy Rollins: @JimmyRollins11

Rollins has already taken to tweeting about his new teammates. And he’s been on Team U.S.A. before…so he’ll offer an interesting perspective. Get ready for some wise-cracks from this shortstop!

4. Miguel Cabrera: @MiguelCabrera

How can any baseball fan not follow the reigning Triple Crown winner? Team Venezuela will have a lot of power at the plate and online with Miggy. And we know he’s not afraid to embarrass himself due to his past with the MLB Fan Cave. A bonus: he tweets in both Spanish and English!

3. Adam Jones: @SimplyAJ10 Team U.S.A.’s Adam Jones has a Twitter account that paints him as a very genuine person. He talks a lot about giving back to fans, and even wishes luck to fallen opponents. He’s definitely a class act.

2. John Axford: @JohnAxford

It’s no secret that Team Canada’s Axford loves popular culture. What will happen when he meets the culture involved in the WBC? He will not disappoint with his color commentary, and will be one of the most amusing follows.

1. Brandon Phillips: @DatDudeBP

Team USA’s Phillips has a lot to say. And he always says it in interesting ways. In fact, he’s already tweeting up a storm about putting on the red, white, and blue for the WBC. Follow Phillips and there will never be a dull moment.

Honorable Mentions: These players came very close to making my cut and also deserve a follow. What can I say? I don’t like to leave anyone out!

R.A. Dickey, @RADickey, Team U.S.A.

Shane Victorino, @ShaneVictorino, Team U.S.A.

J.P. Arencibia, @jparencibia9, Team U.S.A.

Pablo Sandoval, @KFP48, Team Venezuela

Jason Grilli, @GrillCheese49, Team Italy Comments

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